Uttarakhand Special G.K In English 28th March 2018

By: D.K Choudhary 

1. What is the favorite diet of state-bird monal - potatoes
2. Who is the centerpiece of pottery in Uttarakhand - Kasturi deer conservation and breeding center
3. How many species are found in Uttarakhand of State Flower Brahmakamal - 24
4. What is the time of flowering in State Tree Bread - from February to April
5. How many districts are in Uttarakhand state - 13
6. From what place is Bhagirathi known as Ganga - Dev Prayag
7. Which district has the highest number of natural lakes - Chamoli
8. When Rudraprayag, Champawat and Bageshwar districts were created - in 1997
9. According to 2011, what is the lowest population density in Uttarakhand - Uttarkashi
10. What is the headquarters of Garhwal Mandal - Parvari
11. Kanchula is a Kharka in Uttarakhand - a Kastri deer breeding center
12. The number of herbs found in Uttarakhand is approximately - 500
13. 108 In the name of emergency medical service - Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyay
14. Who was the woman who led the women of Rani village in 1974 in Chicho movement - Gaura Devi
15. Which tree is famous in the name of human beings in Uttarakhand - Laveshwar Dutt Saklani
16. In Uttarakhand, about the total number of types of medicinal plants are found - 500
17. What has been said in Uttarakhand region of Charak Code - Botanical Garden
18. Who is the author of the famous book 'Mussoorie Medley' - Prof. Ganesh Shali
19. Who gave the slogan 'Save the Himalaya Bachao Bachao' - Sundar Lal Bahuguna
20. How long did the state-level movement go against the auction of forests? -1977-78
21. Hemavati Nandan Bahuga Ganga Garhwal University got the status of Central University - January 15, 2009
22. Which scheme is famous in the name of Gauradevi - Kanya Dhan Yojana
23. Queen of the mountains (Musari) is the category of which category - Middle Himalaya Range
24. Where is Queen Ranch mountain range situated - in the middle Himalayas
25. The small Himalaya is situated in the middle of which - Shivalik and Maha Himalaya
26. When the emergency medical service scheme 108 was started in the state - in 2008
27. What percentage of reservation is provided in government services to people with disabilities - 3%
28. The water of the lake is red -Busuki rhythm
29. Garhwal region has the largest and deepest rhythm - Sahastrala
30. Kumaon is the biggest taluka of the region - Bhimtal

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