Speaker & Chairman, L.A& L.C

Q.1     What can be the maximum interval between two sessions of parliament?            (SSc 2000)

(A)      3 Months                 (B)      4 Months

(C)       6 Months                 (D)      9 Months

Q.2     Which of the following non-member of parliament has the right to address it?

(SSC 2003)

(A)      Attorney General             (B)      Solicitor General of india

(C)       Chief justice of india        (D)      Chief election Commissioner

Q.3     Age of a candidate t contest parliamentary election should not be lesser than?

(SSC 2006)

(A)      18 Years       (B)      21 Years

(C)       25 Years       (D)      26 Years

Q.4     The most important feature of the Indian parliament is that? (SSC 2008)

(A)      It is the union legislature in india       (B)      It also comprises of the president

(C)       It is bicameral in nature    (D)   The upper house of the parliament is never dissolved

Q.5     Japan’s Parliament Known as? (ssc 2008)

(A)      Diet                (B)      Dail

(C)       Yuan              (D)      Shora

Q.6     Who sail, ‘Parliamentary system provides a daily as well as a periodic assessment of the government? (SSC 2009)

(A)      B.R. Ambedkar                   (B)      B.N. Nehru

(C)       Jawahar Lal Nerhu                        (D)      Rajendra prasad

Q.7     How many members of the anglo-indian community can be nominated by the president of  india to the parliament?      (SSC 2010)

(A)      1          (B)      2          (C)       5          (D)      8

Q.8     Who can initiate impeachment proceedings against the president of india? (NDA 2003)

(A)      Only Lok Sabha                                          (B)      Only Rajya Sabha

(C)       Either house of the parliament                        (D)      Any Legislative assembly

Q.9     Which of the following has the powers to create a new all india service?  (CDS 2006)

(A)      Parliament              (B)      Union public service commission

(C)       Union Cabinet        (D)      Ministry of personnel, Public grievances and pensions

Q.10   Sovereignty  of Indian parliament is restricted by ?        (UP PCS Main. 2004)

(A)      Powers of the president of india         (B)      Judicial review

(C)       Leader of the opposition                        (D)      Powers of the prime minister of india