SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY News 23ed Jan 2017

By: D.K Choudhary

TeamIndus proposes nameplate on the Moon for Rs.500
i. A Bengaluru start-up TeamIndus proposes nameplate on the Moon for Rs.500.
ii. Indians are being offered the opportunity to leave their name on the moon, for a price.
iii. Space start-up TeamIndus will get the names of public ‘donors’ micro-engraved on a small-sized aluminium object, which will be placed on the lunar surface when its lander descends on the moon.

China Commissions its 31st Stealth Warship
i. In a move to rapidly expand its naval fleet, China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy commissioned its 31st stealth warship on January 22, 2017.
ii. With the commissioning of the 31st Type—056 class corvette warship, CNS Ezhou, China China Commissions its 31st Stealth Warshiphas become the world’s largest fleet of modern corvettes.
iii. The CNS Ezhou with a hull number of 513 was delivered to the East Sea Fleet in a naval base in East China’s Fujian province on January 18, 2017. It is 89 meters long and 11 m wide and has a full displacement of 1,254 metric tons.
iv. With a maximum speed of 52 km/h, the ship is installed with a high-level of automation and stealth capability, and is capable of hitting aircraft, ships and submarines. The ship has been deployed to perform coastal patrol, fishery escort, anti-submarine and anti-ship operations.
v. It is the second ship that has been commissioned to the PLA Navy since the start of 2017. Earlier CNS Kaiyangxing, a Type—815A class electronic reconnaissance ship was commissioned which now belongs to the North Sea Fleet.

Indian Scientists Deploys Plasma to Heal Human & Earth
i. Indian scientists at the Institute for Plasma Research (IPR), lying between Sabarmati River in Gandhinagar and Amul Diary have taken steps to make use of plasma for healing not only humans but also the earth.
ii. Plasma is a unique state of matter (other than solid, liquid and gas) in which charged ions are bound in gaseous form but since the whole mass is charged they behave uniquely unlike any other known form of matter.
iii. The most intense and dense state of plasma is the Sun. When hot gasses stripped of electrons are bound together in an exceptional state then one of the consequences of that giant ball of plasma is the release of solar energy that literally powers life on Earth.
iv. This study states that plasma has a life giving property. Mostly plasmas are formed at very high temperatures but scientists can generate them at low temperature as well.
v. Cool plasma can be used to cure human fungal infections. Besides, it is also used to treat a type of very warm wool called Angoora that produces some of the warmest woollen clothing.
vi. In addition, high temperature plasmas are also being used to destroy toxic and organic waste from hospitals, thus helping heal the Earth.

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