By: D.K Choudhary
ISRO Indigenously Develops Telemetry and Telecommand Processor
i .The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) informed that the indigenous development of Telemetry & Telecommand Processor (TTCP) has been realised and now with the help of Indian industry its productionisation will be initiated.
ii. The indigenously developed Processor was successfully deployed in checkout of GSAT-19 which is scheduled to be launched shortly.
iii. The processor will replace the expensive imported equipment. Its indigenous development was taken up by ISRO as part of ‘Make in India’ campaign
iv. The TTCP processor will be used in Integrated Spacecraft Testing of Low Earth Orbit, Geostationary Orbit and Interplanetary Spacecraft.
v. This system has been designed to meet uplink and downlink requirements of both CCSDS (Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems) and ISRO standards, and multiple clients can remotely access this system for data and monitoring.
The Indian Space Research Organisation
♦ Headquarters: Bengaluru
♦ Founded: 15 August 1969
♦ Director: A. S. Kiran Kumar
Researchers Forms Stable Compound Na2He of Helium and Sodium
i. An international team of researchers from China, Russia, and the United States conducted computer modeling to create a thermodynamically stable compound of sodium and the noble gas helium, Na2He, which has a fluorite-type structure and is stable at high Heiumpressures.
ii. The result was published in the journal Nature Chemistry.
iii. Noble gasses got their name because they were thought not to mix with the other elements and forming no compounds. However, with this experiment, the study of chemistry gets a big change in noble gas theory.
iv .Prof. Boldyrev and his colleagues performed a large-scale computational search for possible stable compounds of helium with a variety of elements (H, O, F, Na, K, Mg, Li, Rb, Cs and so on).
v. They found that only sodium readily forms a stable compound with helium at pressures accessible to static experiments.

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