Science GK In English 30th March 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

1- Transition of solid fuel into gaseous energy conductor is called gasification.
2- Nitrogen is the main component of vegetation and animal protein.
3- Red phosphorus is a waxy concrete while white phosphorus is acrylic. Red phosphorus is smell, while white phosphorus gives garlic odor.
In the presence of 4-sodium chloride, the growth rate of Plaster of Paris increases.
5- The presence of calcium sulphate makes the water hard and it is not potable.
6- The reason for the swim in the clouds of the clouds is their low density.
7- The ordinary light bulb has relatively short lifespan because the filament wire is not uniform and the bulb can not be completely vacuumed.
8- Increasing temperature increases the viscosity of the fluid and increasing the temperature increases the viscosity of the gases.
9- The most polluted carbon monoxide in the air, combined with carbon monoxide hemoglobin, makes it inefficient for oxygen absorption. Therefore it is dangerous to find it in the environment.
10- In the First World War, mustard gas was used as a chemical weapon.
11- A mixture of alcohol, benzene and petrol is called power alcohol.
12- The chemical name of the picric acid is 2, 3, 6 trinitophinol.
13- The first rule of thermodynamics, also called 'the rule of energy conservation'.
14- The reactions that occur in only one direction are called irreversible reactions.
15- Aloe is the process of processing monozite.
16- Bones and teeth have calcium phosphate.
Water contains 10 to 10 gms of water in 17-180 g.
18- Electrons do not get coupled until they get blank for the empty chambers - this principle is called the rule of the Hund.
19- The most light metal is lithium.
20- Arsenic is a metallic instrument.
21- Cathode rays are the beam particle of electrons.
22- The internal energy of an ideal gas depends on its volume.
23- Iron Pyraits are called 'false gold'.
24- The hydrogen element makes the largest number of compounds.
25- The terrain of our earth is heated with the effect of the nuclear test of the green house.

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