Rajasthan GK In English 24th April 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

 Q. Where are the sons of Chetak, the famous horse of Pratap Pratap, planning to be prepared? Ans: Bikaner
Q. Which dance is performed in Mandal town on Thirteen days of flood coloring thiras? Ans: Nahar
Q. In how many districts were the drought prone areas program implemented in June 2011? Ans: 11
Q. What is the purpose of self-funding program? Ans: Drinking Water Facility
Q. Which ruler of Bikaner brought to Ustalkar to India? Ans: Raisingh
Q. Kadambadasya Camas, whose main assistant was? Ans: EarthRace
Q. Black-colored images of light-colored (cupish letters) on pottery were made here. The houses were made of stones, bricks were not used. Do the instruments and jewelery decorate this civilization? Ans: Ganeshwar
Q. The ancient relic 'Gilong' is found on the banks of which river and in which district? Ans: Banas, Rajsamand
Q. Who is the author of a book titled 'Rajasthan Sangit'? Ans: Sagar Mallagopa
Q. Who was the author of date-A-Rajasthan? Answer: Californian
Q. Who was the author of 'Rajaratnamkar'? Ans: Sadashiv
Q. 'Travelers Western India' has contributed a lot to the history of Rajasthan. What was their name? Ans: JamesTod
Q. Khetadi copper plant was established in the 60s with the cooperation of the American company and with the cooperation of the Goddari Zinc Plant UK. Which group has been sold to most of the Debari plant now? Ans: Vedanta
Q. What was the language of Prithviraj Vijay? Ans: Sanskrit
Q. Where is the Rajasthan Rajya archives located? Ans: Bikaner
Q. Who is associated with Sardar Kudrat Singh? Ans: Energetic
Q. What is the Redcoreka work? Ans: Roadmaking
Q. Which river is built by Sawai Bhoj on the banks of Rajasthan? Ans: Khari
Q. Ira, Chap and Moran, which is the backbone of the river Ans: Mahi
Q. Who were the creators of the famous song 'To lose life, but to bow down this flag'? Ans: Vijayshapathik
Q. From which district is the Chapparwadi irrigation project related? Ans: Jaipur
Q. Who was the ruler of Amer, who built Jagatshiromani temple in Amer and the temple of Govind Dev ji in Vrindavan? Ans: Mansingh Parthama
Q. Alauddin Khilji changed the name of which place to Jalalabad? Ans: Jalore
Q. How many million acre feet is the total allocated water to the Indirangandi canal project? Ans: 7.6
Q. For which company, the block has been allocated in Sanchor for callbed methane? Ans: Reliance
Q. In which district is the maximum production of coriander in the state? Ans: Baran
Q. In the Annual Plan of Rajasthan 2011-12, energy is spent on community-community services, which is the highest expense? Ans: Rural Development

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