Public Service Commission & Election Commission

Q.1     Which is not a Central Service  ? (SSC 2006)

(A)      Indian Police Services (IPS)                   (B)      Indian Foreign Services (IFC)

(C)       Indian Audit And Accounts Services (D)      Indian Revenue Services (IRS)

Answer (A)

Q.2     The annual reports of the UPSC is submitted to:- ? (SSC 2008)

(A)      The President                     (B)      The Supreme Court

(C)       The Prime Minister          (D)      The Chairman of the UPSC

Answer (A)

Q.3     Which of the following has the powers to create a new all-India Service? (CDS 2006)

(A)      Parliament              (B)      UPSC

(C)       Union Cabinet        (D)      Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievance and pensions

Answer (A)

Q.4     Who Appoints the UPSC? (BPSC 2001)

(A)      Parliament                          (B)      President

(C)       Chief Justice of India        (D)      Selection commission

Answer (B)

Q.5     Which one of the following is NOT an all india Service ? (UPPCS 2008)

(A)      Indian administrative service   (B)      Indian police service

(C)       Indian Forest service                  (D)      Indian Economic service

Answer (D)

Q.6     The Expenses of public service commission of a state (e.g. Uttar Pradesh) are charged upon? (UP PCS 2010)

(A)      Consolidated Fund Of India       (B)      Consolidated fund of state

(C)       It’s  own generated fund from fees    (D)      Contigency  Fund

Answer (B)

Q.7     A national political party  is one which receives 4% of the total votes polled in :

 (SSC 2007)

(A)      Two or more state                        (B)      The capital city

(C)       Four or more state           (D)      In all state

Answer (C)

Q.8     What is the minimum age prescribed in india for its citizens to cast their vote?

(SSC 2007)

(A)      16 Years                   (B)      18 Years

(C)       20 Years                   (D)      21 Years

Answer (B)

Q.9     Who among the following is a non-resident indian (NRI)? (UP PCS 2008)

(A)      A Indian tourist in America      

(B)      A person of Indian origin working as a computer engineer in America

(C)       A person of Indian origin employed in the UNO office at New Dehli

(D)      The Indian manager of state bank in india branch of London

Answer (A)

Q.10   Age of the candidate to contest parliamentary election should not be lesser then.?

(SSC Grad. 2008)

(A)      18 Years       (B)      21 Years

(C)       25 Years       (D)      26 Years

Answer (C)