Previous Question SSC CGL 6,May 2016

Previous Question SSC CGL 6,May 2016

  1. Muslim League is at present active only is some area of :

(a) U.P.

(b) Kerala

(c) Madhya Pradesh

(d) None of these

  1. Akali Party began its political life working within or in collaboration with the :

(a) Hindu Mahasabha

(b) Muslim League

(c) Unionist Pary

(d) Indian National Congress

  1. Indira Gandhi was to Congress (I) what charan singh was to :

(a) Lok Dal

(b) Janata Dal

(c) Janta Party

(d) Kisan Mazdoor Pary

  1. Rajiv Gandhi developed cold feet when told that implementation of the Punjab Accord would :

(a) lead to secession of the Punjab

(b) give political advantage to the Akalis

(c) hurt the Punjab Congress Party

(d) anger the Hindus

  1. Bhindranjwala was a protégé of :

(a) Akali Party

(b) Punjab Congress

(c) Indira Gandhi

(d) Pakistan’s ISI

  1. The National Front has selective seat adjustment with :

(a) Congress (I

(b) Left Front (CPM &CPI)


(d) JBP

  1. Telugu Desam was born of the circumstances which gave indication that :

(a) Andhra honou “was in danger

(b) Congress was mismanaging the State

(c) Congress was totally corrupt

(d) Andhra leader Narsimbha Rao humiliated by Rajiv Gandhi

  1. Which Indian political party is consistently opposing the grant of special status to Jammu and Kashmir ?

(a) National Conference

(b) BJP

(c) Congress (O)

(d) Akali

  1. The concept of a political organization like the Indian National Congress was inspired by :

(a) Indian industrialists of the time

(b) foreign-returned Indian (mostly Bengalis)

(c) retired British civil servants

(d) India’s English-education

  1. The first session of Indian National Congress was held:

(a) in 1885 at Bombay

(b) in 1885 at calcutta

(c) in 1890 at Poona

(d) in 1895 at Madars

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