Previous Question SSC CGL, 2014 ( English)

  1. Who nominates 12 members in the Council of State—


(A) Chairman of Rajya Sabha

(B) Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha

(C) President of India

(D) Prime Minister of India


  1. Members of Rajya Sabha are elected by which members—


(A) Lok Sabha

(B) Legislative Assembly

(C) Council of State

(D) Legislative Council


  1. Representative of Union territories in the Council of State shall be choosen in such a manner as decided by—


(A) As prescribed by law in the Assembly

(B) As prescribed by law by State

(C) As prescribed by law by the Union

(D) As prescribed by law in the Parliament


  1. In which Article of the Constitution of India, duration of House of Parliament has been mentioned—


(A) 83

(B) 84

(C) 85

(D) 88


  1. Which House shall not be a subject for dissolution—

(A) Lok Sabha

(B) House of People

(C) Council of State

(D) State Legislature


  1. After how many years, one-third of the members of the Rajya Sabha retire—

(A) 6 years

(B) 3 years

(C) 5 years

(D) 2 years


  1. What power the President may exercise from time to time in respect of Parliament—


(A) Prorogue either of the House of Parliament

(B) Dissolve House of the People

(C) A & B

(D) None of the above


  1. What activities does the President perform in respect of both the Houses of the Parliament—

(A) Time to time to summon each of Parliament

(B) Prorogue either of the House of the Parliament

(C) Dissolve the Lok Sabha

(D) All the above


  1. Under whose advice, the President shall have the power of summoning, prorogation and dissolution—

(A) Home Minister

(B) Prime Minister

(C) Council of Ministers

(D) Parliamentary Affairs Ministers


  1. Within which period the President has to summon session of the Parliament—

(A) Six Months

(B) Five Months

(C) Four Months

(D) Three Months













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