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By: D.K.Choudhary

  1. The Directive Principles of State Policy are….in nature.

(a) Socialistic

(b) Democratic

(c) Non-justiciable

(d) Gandhian


  1. Fundamental Rights given to the individual by the Constitution are not ordinarily suspended. They may be suspended, however, in the event of 

(a) an emergency 

(b) political and economic chaos 

(c) legislative/parliamentary instability

(d) the President desiring it 


  1. All expenditure from the Consolidated Fund of India is subject to the vote of the

(a) Parliament

(b) President

(c) Parliament and Assemblies

(d) Supreme Court


  1. While the Vice-President discharges the functions of the office of the President :

(a) He ceases to act in his capacity as the Chairman of Rajya Sabha

(b) he ceases to act in his capacity as the Vice-President of India

(c) he continues to act as the Vice-President of India and Chairman of the Rajya Sabha

(d) he ceases to act as Vice-President but continues to act as Chairman of the Rajya Sabha


  1. The Chief Justice of India can be removed in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Constitution, by the

(a) President on a resolution by Parliament

(b) Parliament alone

(c) majority of the Judges of the Supreme Court

(d) the appointments Committee of Parliament


  1. Which one of the following has been wrongly listed as a qualification for membership of the Legislative Assembly?

(a) must be a citizen of India

(b) must be more than 30 years of age

(c) must not hold any office of profit

(d) must possess such other qualifications as may be prescribed by a law of Parliament


  1. The Supreme Court of India enjoys :

(a) only original jurisdiction

(b) only appellate jurisdiction

(c) only advisory jurisdiction

(d) all the above types of jurisdictions


  1. The members of the State Legislative Assembly are elected for a term of :

(a) 2 years

(b) 3 years

(c) 4 years

(d) 5 years


  1. A money bill duly passed by the Lok Sabha can be held up by the Rajya Sabha for a maximum of 

(a) two years 

(b) six months

(c) three months

(d) fourteen days


  1. Which one of the following categories of members are not included in the Legislative Council?

(a) members elected by municipalities, district boards and other local authorities in the State. 

(b) Representatives of temples, churches and mosques

(c) representatives of persons engaged in teaching in institutions not lower in standard than secondary schools

(d) members nominated by the Governor from amongst persons having special knowledge of literature, science, art, co-operative movement and social service

Answers Key:

  1. (c)
  2. (a) 
  3. (a)
  4. (a)
  5. (a)
  6. (b)
  7. (d)
  8. (d)
  9. (d)
  10. (b)

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