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  1. The Legislative Council in a state can be created or disbanded by the
    (a) State Legislative Assembly alone
    (b) Parliament alone
    (c) Parliament on recommendation of the State Legislature
    (d) President on recommendation of the Governor

    2. The maximum number of Anglo Indians who can be nominated to the Lok Sabha are

    (a) 3 
    (b) 2
    (c) 5 
    (d) 4

    3. Which of the following is correct? 
    (a) All the members of the Rajya Sabha are elected by State Legislative Assemblies.
    (b) Only a member of the Rajya Sabha can contest for the office of the Vice-President.
    (c) While a candidate to the Lok Sabha can contest from any state in India, a candidate to the Rajya          Sabha should ordinarily be a resident of the State from where he is contesting.
    (d) The Constitution explicitly prohibits the appointment of a nominated member of the Rajya Sabha        to the post of a Minister.

    4. In the case of disagreement on a Bill, in the two Houses of Parliament

    (a) A special Parliamentary Committee is formed to resolve the situation.
    (b) The Prime Minister intervenes.
    (c) The President casts a deciding vote.
    (d) A joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament is convened.

    5. What is the maximum number of elected members in a State Assembly?

    (a) 250 
    (b) 300
    (c) 600 
    (d) 500

    6. Which of the following is not correct regarding a Money Bill?

    (a) It can be introduced in either House of Parliament.
    (b) It can be passed by the Lok Sabha even if the Rajya Saba rejects it.
    (c) It is deemed to have been passed by both Houses if it is not returned by the Rajya Sabha within 14      days.
    (d) It requires the prior approval of the President.

    7. Which parliamentary committee in India is normally chaired by a prominent member of the Opposition?

    (a) Committee on Government Assurances
    (b) Estimates Committee
    (c) Privileges Committee
    (d) Public Accounts Committee

    8. Who presides over the Lok Sabha if neither the Speaker nor the Deputy Speaker is available? 

    (a) A member of the House of People appointed by the President. 
    (b) A member chosen by Council of Ministers. 
    (c) The senior most member of the Rajya Sabha. 
    (d) The senior most member of the Lok Sabha.

    9. Who is the exofficio Chairman of Rajya Sabha?

    (a) President
    (b) Vice-President
    (c) Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
    (d) Leader of Opposition.

    10. A bill passed by Parliament is sent to the President for his assent, which option is not true to him? 

    (a) He may sign it
    (b) He may decline to sign it
    (C) He may return it to Parliament for reconsideration
    (d) He may amend it.

    11. The quorum required to hold meetings of the legislative chambers is what fraction of the total membership of the House? 

    (a) 1/3 
    (b) 1/4
    (c) 1/6 
    (d) 1/10

    12. The Union Territories get representation in 

    (a) Lok Sabha
    (b) Rajya Sabha
    (c) Both Houses of Parliament
    (d) None of these

    13. The Secretary General of the Lok Sabha who is the Chief of its Secretariat is

    (a) Elected by the Lok Sabha
    (b) Elected by both Houses of Parliament
    (c) Appointed by the Speaker
    (d) Appointed by the President

    14. The Joint Parliamentary Committee to examine irregularities and fraudulent manipulations of the Securities Scam consists of 

    (a) 25 members of Lok Sabha and 15 of Rajya Sabha
    (b) 20 members of Lok Sabha and 10 of Rajya Sabha
    (c) 15 members of Lok Sabha and 15 of Rajya Sabha
    (d) 30 members of Lok Sabha and 30 of Rajya Sabha

    15. How Many members of the Rajya Sabha are nominated by the President of India?

    (a) 0 
    (b) 11
    (c) 12 
    (d) 13

    Answers Key…..
    1. (a) 
    2. (b) 
    3. (c) 
    4. (d) 
    5. (d) 
    6. (a) 
    7. (d) 
    8. (d)
    9. (b) 
    10. (b) 
    11. (d) 
    12. (c) 
    13. (c) 
    14. (b)
    15. (c) 

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