Previous Question SSC CGL, (2010)

1. In India, the President is elected by –
(a) Direct Election
(b) Single Transferable Vote
(c) Proportional Vote system
(d) Open Ballot System

2. The Constitution authorizes the President to make provisions for discharge of duties of Governor in extraordinary circumstances under the
(a) Article 160
(b) Article 162
(c) Article 165
(d) Article 310

3. How many times the President of India can seek re- election to his post?
(a) once
(b) 2 times
(c) 3 times
(d) any number of times

4. The first President of Independent India hails from
(a) U.P.
(b) Andhra Pradesh
(c) Bihar
(d) Tamil Nadu

5. Who can initiate impeachment of the President?
(a) 1/4th members of either House of the President?
(b) Half other members of either House of the Parliament
(c)Half of the state Legislatures
(d) 1/3rd members of any State Legislature

6. Where is Raisina Hill?
(a) Where Rashtrapati Bhavan is situated
(b) The Hill feature in Srinagar, otherwise known as Shankaracharya Hill
(c) The place where the Dogra rulers of Jammu and Kashmir built their fort in Jammu
(d) The Rock Feature at Kanyakumari where Swami Vivekanand’s statue was erected

7. Who was the first Deputy Prime Minister of India?
(a) L.K. Advani
(b) Moraraji Desai
(c) Charan Singh
(d) Sardar Balabhbahi Patel

8. Generally the Prime Minister is
(a) A member of Rajya Sabha
(b) An experienced administrator
(c) Not a member of Parliament
(d) A member of Lok Sabha

9. Who was the Defence Minister of India during the Indo- China war of 1962?
(a) R.N. Thapar
(b) Jagjivan Ram
(c) V.K. Krishna Menon
(d) Govind Ballabh Pant

10. Who is known as the first Law Officer of India?
(a) Chief Justice of India
(b) Law Minister of India
(c) Attorney General of India
(d) Solicitor General of India


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