Polity Quiz SSC 8,May 2016

By : D.k Choudhary

1.Political Theories

  • What are two forms of democracy? – Direct and indirect democracy.
  • Direct democracy is such a system of government in which: – People directly participate in policy formulation and government.
  • Which type of democracy has been adopted in Switzerland? – Direct Democracy.
  • In which centenary ‘Liberalism’ emerged as a complete political philosophy?  – Ninteenth Century.
  • In which country the concept of “Constitution emerged first time”? –                             Britain
  • Who supported the “Absolute sovereignty of King”? –             Thomas Hobbes
  • Who was the proponent of theory of “Natural Right”? – Locke
  • By whom the Principle of “Natural Right” was propounded.? – Locke
  • Who said “A good citizen makes a good state and a bed citizen makes a bed state”. – Roosue
  • Who supported “Popular Sovereignity”? –Roosue  
  • Who supported the “Social Contract Theory”?- Hobbes, Locke and Roosue.
  • Who asserted that “Man is a political animal by nature”? – Aristotle
  • Who is the father of Idealism? — Hegel
  • Which is mainly emphaised by communism?- Constitution of U.S.A.
  • What is the indicated the word “Dialectics ”? – Theoritical conflict
  • In which country the ideology of “Facism” evolved? – Italy
  • Who is the called the “Mother of all constitutions”? –British Parliament
  • “Political Equity” is enshrined in: –               ———-Limited Kingdom
  • What do we mean by “Consensus of people”? –Consensus  of Majority of the People.
  • Limited Kingdom is a ideal example of – Constitutional Monarchy.
  • By whom the economic aspect of justice has been emphasized? – Socialist 
  • Who had proclaimed that “Democracy is by the people” to the people and by the people?-Abraham Lincon
  • What type of government system exits in united kingdom? – Unitary from of government.
  • “Everybody should get according to his need not according to his ability” this principle is advocated by? – Communism
  • Who had adovated for the concept of “Political Sovereignity”? –  Austin
  • What is the called rule by workers union?-Sindicatism
  • ‘Political Freedom’ with ‘Economic Freedom’ is a myth? Who give this statement? – H.J.Laski
  • Which country is a example of federal, structural and presidential form of government? –U.S.A.
  • What is the name of upper house of Russian legislature?- State Duma
  • ‘Dialectic Materialism’ is related with which of the principle.? – Communism
  • The oldest monarchy of the world is : – Japan
  • Japaneese parliament is Know as: – Duma
  • According to whom ‘State’ is a necessary evil ? –   Karl Marx


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