Polity Quiz IAS, PCS & SSC 12 June 2016

Polity Quiz IAS, PCS & SSC 12 June 2016

By: D.K. Choudhary

Q.1     The first finance commission was constituted in? (SSC Mat. 2008)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (A)      1950              (B)      1951              (C)       1952              (D)      1954

Answer (B)

Q.2     Which agency acts as coordinator between union government, planning commission and state governments? (SSC 2009)

(A)      National integration  Council

(B)      Finance commission

(C)       National Development Council

(D)      Inter-State Council

Answer (C)

Q.3     When will demand become a grant ?  (SSC 2009)

(A)      When a demand is proposed

(B)      After the discussion on demand is over

(C)       After the demand is granted

(D)      When the Budget Session is closed

Answer (C)

Q.4     The president of india by order constitutes a finance commission every? (UP PCS 2008)

(A)      3rd Year                                                         (B)      5th Year

(C)       5th Year Or earlier as necessary           (D)      7th Year

Answer (C)

Q.5     The entry Public Health and sanitation is included in the  constitution of india in ?

(NDA 2009)

(A)      Union List                (B)      State List

(C)       Concurrent List      (D)      None of these

Answer (B)

Q.6     Who is the chairman of second administrative reforms commission ? (CDS 2009)

(A)      Biman Jalan                                     (B)      Karan singh

(C)       M. Veerappa Moily                      (D)      Ahmed Patel

Answer (C)

Q.7     Recommendations to the president of india on the specific Union-State fiscal relations are made by the –? (BPSC 2004)

(A)      Finance Minister                           (B)      Reserve Bank Of India

(C)       Planning Commission                  (D)      Finance Commission

Answer (D)

Q.8     Which of the following subjects lies in the concurrent List.? (BPSC 2005)

(A)      Agriculture                          (B)      Education

(C)       Police                                                (D)      Defense

Answer (B)

Q.9     Which one of the following forms the largest share of deficit in government of india budget.? (UP PCS 2002 , 2004)

(A)      Primary Deficit                              (B)      Fiscal Deficit

(C)       Revenue Deficit                            (D)      Budgetary Deficit

Answer (B)

Q.10   The Largest item of expenditure in the current account of the central government budget is ? (UP PCS 2004)

(A)      Defense expenditure                  (B)      Subsidies

(C)       Interest Payments                                    (D)      Expenditure on social services

Answer (C)


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