Polity Quiz for SSC, IAS and PCS 5,June 2016

Polity Quiz for SSC, IAS and PCS 5,June 2016

By: D.K. Choudhary

Q1.Who considered Right to constitutional Remedies as vey “heart and soul” of the Indian Constitution?
1) M.K. Gandhi
2) J. L. Nehru
3) B.R. Ambedkar
4) Dr. Rajendra Prasad


Q2.Which of the following countries have an unwritten constitution?
1) USA
2) UK
3) India
4) Pakistan

Q3. In Indian Polity which one is Supreme?
1) The Supreme Court
2) The Constitution
3) The Parliament
4) Religion

Q4. Which of the following official documents is related with India?
1) White Paper
2) Green Paper
3) Yellow Book
4) Blue Book

Q5. The number of Union Territories in India is_________?

1) 5
2) 6
3) 7
4) 9

Q6. Article 1 of the Constitution of India declares India as__________?

1) Federal State
2) Quasi-Federal State
3) Unitary State
4) Union of States

Q7. The upper house of Indian Parliament is known as________?

1) The Rajya Sabha
2) The Lok Sabha
3) The National Assebly
4) The Indian Parliament

Q8. Which one of the following is the guardian of Fundamental Right?
1) Judiciary
2) Political parties
3) Legislature
4) Executive

Q9. The Indian Parliament consists of?

1) Lok Sabha Only
2) Lok Sabha and the President
3) Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha
4) The President, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha

Q10. The tenure of the Rajya Sabha is_____?
1) 2 years
2) 5 years
3) 6 years
4) Permanent


  1.  ANS 3
  1.  ANS 2

3 . ANS 2

  1.  ANS 1
  2.  ANS 3
  3.  ANS 4
  4.  ANS 1
  5.  ANS 1
  6.  ANS 4

10.ANS 4

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