Polity Quiz For SSC CGL 30 may 2016

Polity Quiz For SSC CGL 30 may 2016

By:- D.K. Chaudhary

  1. The Attorney General of India is appointed by—
    (A) Chief Justice of India
    (B) The Prime Minister
    (C) The President of India
    (D) The UPSC

    2. The President of India can nominate to the RajyaSabha—
    (A) 6 members
    (B) 9 members
    (C) 12 members
    (D) 15 members

    3. Which of the following states/union territories have a common High Court ?
    (A) Uttar Pradesh and Bihar
    (B) Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir
    (C) Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh
    (D) Assam and Bengal

    4. The most controversial amendment passed during the emergency was—
    (A) 43rd
    (B) 41st
    (C) 42nd
    (D) 44th

    5. The Union Cabinet is responsible to—
    (A) The RajyaSabha and the LokSabha
    (B) The President of India
    (C) The LokSabha only
    (D) The electorate

    6. The Governor of a state in India is—
    (A) Directly elected by the people of the state
    (B) Appointed by the Prime Minister
    (C) Appointed by the President
    (D) Appointed by the State Chief Minister

    7. The total number of members of legislative council can in no case be less than—
    (A) 40
    (B) 60
    (C) 50
    (D) No minimum strength has been fixed

    8. The right to vote in India is given to all people on the basis of—
    (A) Education
    (B) Age
    (C) Property
    (D) Religion

    9. The maximum strength of the Legislative Assembly of a state is—
    (A) 450
    (B) 500
    (C) 400
    (D) 525

10. Parliamentary system in India has been borrowed from which country ?
(A) America
(B) Britain
(C) Australia
(D) Ireland

Answers with Hints

  1. (C)
  2. (C)
  3. (C)
  4. (C)
  5. (C)
  6. (C)
  7. (A)
  8. (B)
  9. (B)

10. (B)

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