Polity Quiz for IAS, PCS & SSC 2, july 2016

Polity Quiz for IAS, PCS & SSC 2, july 2016

By: D.K. Choudhary

Q.1     Which one of the following is the most important element of the state? (UP PCS 2008)

(A)      Flag    (B)     Sovereignty                        (C)      Capital          (D)     Head of the Government

Answer (B)

Q.2     Under the preventive detention a  person can be detained without trial for?

(UP PCS Main. 2009)

(A)      1 Month                   (B)     3 Months

 (C)      6 Months                 (D)     9 Months

Answer (B)

Q.3     Which is the only state in india to have the common Civil Code? (UP PCS Main. 2009)

(A)      Jammu & Kashmir             (B)     Mizoram

 (C)      Nagaland                              (D)     Goa

Answer (D)

Q.4     Which is the highest National Award?  (MP PCS Pre. 2004)

(A)      Padamashree                     (B)     Padamavibhushan

 (C)      Bharat Ratna                       (D)     Ashok Chakra

Answer (C)

Q.5     ……………….. is India’s largest district (Area wise) ? (WBPCS  2005)

(A)      Bastar                       (B)     Kachchh

 (C)      Leh-Laddakh           (D)     Burdwan

Answer (C)

Q.6     In which general election did the congress party lost majority in the parliament for the first time? (WB PCS Pre. 2007)

(A)      1967              (B)     1977              (C)      1980              (D)     None of these

Answer (B)

Q.7     The Liberhan commission is related to? (WB PCS 2007)

(A)      Fodder Scan                                               (B)      Administrative Tribunals

 (C)      Babri Masjid Demolition                        (D)     Reservation of Minorities

Answer (C)

Q.8     The line demarcating the boundary between India and china in North  Eastern Sector is Called? (WB PCS Pre 2008)

(A)      Redcliffe Line                      (B)     Durand Line

 (C)      Mc Mohan Line                   (D)     Siegfried Line

Answer (C)

Q.9     Which one of the following officers nas NOT been provided by the indian constitution?

(WB PCS Pre. 2008)

(A)      Deputy Prime Minister               (B)     Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha

 (C)      Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha   (D)     Deputy Speaker of State Legislative Assembly

Answer (A)

Q.10   Who  is the Author of the book ‘A Foreign Policy of India’? (TN PCS Pre. 2009)

(A)      I. K. Gujral                (B)     B.G. Deshmukh       (C)      L.K. Advani  (D)     A.J. Toynbee

Answer (A)

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