Polity Quiz In English 29th May 2018 

By: D.K Chaudhary

Q.1        Which of the following countries enjoys a federal form of government? SSC TAX 2008

(1)           China                      (2)           U.S.A                       (3)           Cuba                       (4)           Belgium

Ans. (2)


Q.2        Rashtrapati Bhawan was designed by : ?                      (SSC CPO 2009)

(1)           Edward stone       (2)           Le Corbusier

(3)           Edwin Lutyens     (4)           Tarun Dutt

Ans. (3)


Q.3        despotism is possible in a ?            (SSC CGL 2010)

(1)           One party state                    (2)           Two party state

(3)           Multi party state                  (4)           Two and multi state

Ans. (1)


Q.4        In which state of india. Was a non congress government formed for the first time?

(SSC CISF 2010)

(1)           West Bengal                         (2)           Tamil Nadu

(3)           Pondicharry                                          (4)           Kerala

Ans. (4)


Q.5        Who had proposed partyless democracy in india? (SSC CGL 2011)

(1)           Jaya Prakash Narayan                         (2)           Mahatma gandhi

(3)           Vinoba Bhave                                                       (4)           S.A. Dange

Ans. (1)


Q.6        Who said ”A good citizen makes a good state and a bed citizen makes a bad state”

( SSC CGL 2011)

(1)           Plato                                       (2)           Rousseau

(3)           Aristotle                                (4)           Laski

Ans. (3)


Q.7        Who said that “Oh! Disrespect able democracy ! I Love You”? (SSC CPO 2011)

(1)           G.B Shaw                               (2)           Carpenter

(3)           Lord Bryce                            (4)           Appa Dpral

Ans. (1)


Q.8        Compared with society the scope of stat activity is ?                (FCI 2012)

(1)           Wider                                     (2)           Narrow

(3)           Just Equal                                             (4)           No Comparison between the two

Ans. (1)


Q.9        What is the colour of the “Dharama Chakra” in the middle of our national?

 (SSC Mts2012)

(1)           Sea Blue                                (2)           Black

(3)           Navy Blue                               (4)           Green

Ans. (3)


Q.10        Which of the following symbols is a symbol reserved by election commission for more than one political party in the election to the loks sabha/ Vidhan sabha?   (SSC Mts 2012)

(1)           Hand                                       (2)           Louts

(3)           Wheel                     (4)           Elephant

Ans. (4)

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