Polity Quiz 9th March 2017

By: D.K Choudhary

  • The ordinance proclaimed by the president shall be in force for a period of – 6 Month.
  • The president of india can proclaim ordinances at any time.                                                    – False.
  • Who was elected unopposed to the office of the president of   – Dr. N. Sanjeeva Raddy.
  • Who has the power to nominate persons to Rajaya Sabha? – President.
  • Who was the ultimate power to proclaim emergency under the constitution of India? –                                       –  The President of India.
  • The governer of a State in accountable to whom?                           – The President of India.
  • According to Indian constitution, within what period a vacancy in the office of president shall be filled? – 6 Month.

Election of the President

  • Article 54- Election of the president of India.
  • Who elects the president of Indai.

-Electoral College.

  • Who are included in the ‘electoral college’ to elect President of India. – The elected members of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and the elected member of State Legislatures.
  • Who is elected by the elected members of the two houses of parliament and elecleted member of state legislatures. –                                           The President of India.
  • The nomination paper for election of the president of india must be signed by at least 50 electors as proposers and 50 electors as supporters. – True.
  • Every elected member of the legislative assembly of a state shall have as many notes as there are multiples one thousand in quotient obtained by dividing the population of the state by total number of the elected members of the assembly. At present (1997) the population. –                                           –    1971 Census.
  • Who conducts the election of the office of president of india?

– The ‘Majority Rule’

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