Polity Quiz 9 September 2016 (English)

Polity Quiz 9 September 2016 (English)

By: D.K Choudhary

Q.1            The powers to create or abolish the Upper house of the State legislature belongs to the? (SSC 2002)

(1)       Governor                 (2)       Parliament

(3)       High Court               (4)       State Legislature

Answer (2)


Q.2            Which type of emergency has not been declared so far in India? (SSC 2002)

(1)       Internal emergency caused due to internal disturbances.

(2)       External emergency caused due to external threat.

(3)       State emergency caused due to failure of constitutional machinery in the states.

(4)       Financial emergency.

Answer (4)


Q.3            The Speaker of the Lok Sabha Enjoys? (SSC 2002)

(1)       No right to vote in general circumstances

(2)       The Right to vote only case of a tie.

(3)       The right to vote like other members of the house.

(4)       The right to vote only once during the term of the house.

Answer (2)


Q.4 During Financial Emergency all money bills passed by the State legislature are to be reserved for the consideration to the? (SSC 2002)

(1)       Governor                             (2)       Prime Minister

(3)       Parliament                          (4)       President

Answer (4)


Q.5            The committee on subordinate legislation deals with? (SSC 2002)

(1)       Delegated legislation                  (2)       Financial legislation

(3)       Municipal legislation                   (4)       State legislation

Answer (1)


Q.6  Rajya Sabha has no role in? (SSC 2002)

(1)       the election of the vice-president

(2)       the election of the speaker

(3)       the impeachment of the president

(4)       removal of the judges of the Supreme court

Answer (2)


Q.7            When the posts of both the president and the vice president are vacant who among the following officiates as president? (SSC 2002)

(1)       The Chief justice of supreme court

(2)       The Lt. Governor of Delhi

(3)       The speaker of Lok Sabha

(4)       The prime Minister

Answer (1)


Q.8            The policy that deals with the tax and expenditure policies of the Government is called? (SSC 2002)

(1)       Monetary Policy                            (2)       Fiscal Policy

(3)       Credit Polity                                               (4)       Budgetary Policy

Answer (2)


Q.9            Delimitation of the Lok Sabha constituencies was last done in the year? (SSC 2002)

(1)       1970                          (2)       1973                          (3)       1976                          (4)       1977

Answer (*)


Q.10            If the Speaker of Lok Sabha wishes to tender his resignation he has to address his letter to? (SSC  2002)

(1)       The President of India                 (2)       The Deputy Speaker

(3)       The Prime Minister                      (4)       The Cabinet

Answer (2)

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