Polity Quiz 8, June 2016 For SSC CGL, IAS & PCS

Polity Quiz 8, June 2016 For SSC CGL, IAS & PCS

By: D.K. Choudhary

Q.1     The indian constitution recognizes minorities on the basis of ? (SSC 2005)

(A)      Religion        (B)     Caste

 (C)      Colour           (D)     Percentage of the population of the Group to the total Population.

Answer (D)

Q.2     Which one of the following is NOT an element of the State? (SSC Mat. 2008)

(A)      Population    (B)     Land               (C)      Army             (D)     Government

Answer (C)

Q.3     There is no provision in the constitution for the impeachment of the? (SSC Tax 2008)

(A)      Chief Justice of India                    (B)     Chief Justice of  a High Court

(C)       Governor                                         (D)     Vice- President

Answer (C)

Q.4     Consent of the people means consent of? (SSC Tax 2009)

(A)      A Few people                     (B)     All people

 (C)      Majority of the people   (D)     Leader of the people

Answer (C)

Q.5     Despotism is possible in a? (SSC Grad. 2010)

(A)      One party State                 (B)     Two Party State

 (C)      Multi Party State              (D)     Two and Multi party State

Answer (A)

Q.6     Karl Marx, Belonged to? (SSC Grad. 2010)

(A)      Germany                  (B)     Holland

 (C)      France                       (D)      Britain

Answer (A)

Q.7     The basic parameters of India’s foreign policy were laid down by? (SCRA 2000)

(A)      Dr. Rajendra Prasad         (B)     Dr. Radhakrishanan

 (C)      Jawahar Lal Nehru                        (D)     Dr. Zakir Hussain

Answer (C)

Q.8     Which one of the following political theories advocates the ‘ Dictatorship of Proletariat’  ? (NDA 2007)

(A)      Democratic socialism                  (B)     Fabian socialism

 (C)      Liberalism                                        (D)     Marxism

Answer (D)

Q.9     Which of the following political theories advocates the withering away of the state? 

(NDA 2008)

(A)      Capitalism                           (B)     Fascism

 (C)      Marxism                               (D)     Democratic socialism

Answer (C)

Q.10   Which among the following is an extra constitutional growth in indian democracy?

(NDA 2009)

(A)      Attorney general of india          (B)     Autonomous Districts

 (C)      Political parties                              (D)     Deputy chairman of the council of states

Answer (B)

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