Polity Quiz 7th September 2016 (English)

Polity Quiz 7th September 2016 (English)

By: D.K choudhary

Q.1            The Vice-President of India can be removed by the? (SSC 2000)

(1)       President on the advice of council of minister

(2)       Lok Sabha with the consent of the President

(3)       Rajya Sabha with the concurrence of Lok Sabha

(4)       Rajya Sabha with the concurrence of President

Answer (3)


Q.2            A mid term poll is conducted when? (SSC 2000)

(1)       The Lok Sabha is dissolved before completion of its term

(2)       An elected member resigns from his seat

(3)       There are discrepancies in voting

(4)       All MP’s of t political party resign

Answer (1)


Q.3            A proclamation of emergency caused by war or external aggression must be approved by both the houses of parliament within? (SSC 2000)

(1)       15 days                     (2)       1 Months

(3)       2 Months                 (4)       3 Months

Answer (2)


Q.4            Which of the following is not a charged expenditure on the consolidated fund of India? (SSC 2001)

(1)       Expenditure of five years plans

(2)       Expenditure on the chairman and members of the UPSC

(3)       Expenditure on the judges of the Supreme Court

(4)       Debt charges of the Government of India

Answer (1)


Q.5            The President of india addresses both houses of parliament assembled together at the commencement of the first session? (SSC 2001)

(1)       Of each year                       (2)       After each general election to the house of the people

(3)       Both 1 and 2                       (4)       Neither 1 or 2

Answer (3)


Q.6            Implementing laws is the function of? (SSC 2001)

(1)       Executive                             (2)       Legislature

(3)       Judiciary                               (4)       Cabinet

Answer (1)


Q.7            Education is included in which of the following lists? (SSC 2001)

(1)       Central List                          (2)       State List

(3)       Concurrent List                  (4)       Local List

Answer (3)


Q.8            Can a person who is not a member of parliament be appointed as a  minister? (SSC 2001)

(1)       No                                                                              (2)       Yes

(3)       Yes, provided the parliament approves of such an appointment.

(4)       Yes, but he has to become a member of parliament within six months of his appointment

Answer (4)


Q.9            Under which of the following situations can Rajya Sabha be dissolved? (SSC 2001)

(1)       When financial emergency is declared in the country

(2)       When emergency is declared due to failure of constitutional machinery

(3)       Both 1 and 2

(4)       None of these

Answer (4)


Q.10            Who can legislate on those residual metters which are not mentioned in Central/State/Concurrent Lists? (SSC 2001)

(1)       State legislatures exclusively

(2)       Parliament alone

(3)       Parliament after state legislatures concur

(4)       Parliament or state legislatures as adjudicated by the Supreme Court.

Answer (4)

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