Polity Quiz 7 August 2016 (English)

Polity Quiz 7 August 2016 (English)

By: D.K Choudhary

Q.1     The term ‘Secular’ Was added in the  preamble to the indian constitution by?

(SSC CPO 2003)

(1)       41st Amendment                           (2)       42nd Amendment

(3)       43rd Amendment                           (4)       44th Amendment

Answer (2)


Q.2     Which of the following is not a fundament Right? (SSC CPO 2003)

(1)       Right to Equality                           (2)       Right to Liberty

(3)       Right against Exploitation         (4)       Right to Property

Answer (4)


Q.3     Which of the following writ/ orders of the High Court/Supreme Court is sought to get an order of an authority quashed? (SSC CGL 2003)

(1)       Mandamus                          (2)       Certiorari

(3)       Quo Warranto                    (4)       Habeas Corpus

Answer (2)


Q.4     Civil Equality implies (SSC CGL 2004)

(1)       Equality before low                                  (2)       Equality of opportunity

(3)       Equal distribution of wealth                 (4)       The affairs of the State

Answer (2)


Q.5     Of the following words in the preamble of the constitution of india which was not inserted through the constitution (Forty Second Amendment) Act 1976? (SSC CGL 2004)

(1)       Socialist                                (2)       Secular

(3)       Dignity                                  (4)       Integrity

Answer (3)


Q.6     Indian parliament can rename of redefine the Boundary of a state by? ( SSC CPO 2004)

(1)       A simple majority

(2)       Absolute Majority

(3)       2/3rd majority of the members voting

(4)       2/3rd majority of the members voting and an absolute majority of its total


Answer (1)


Q.7     Which is the source of political power in india? (SSC CPO 2004)

(1)       The Constitution                                                   (2)       The Parliament

(3)       The Parliament and the State Legislatives  (4)       We, the People

Answer (4)


Q.8     Which one of the following is a political Right? (SSC CPO 2005)

(1)       Right to freedom                                      (2)       Right to contest elections

(3)       Right to equality  before law                (4)       Right to life

Answer (2)


Q.9     Fundamental Rights in india are guaranteed by it through ? (SSC CPO 2005)

(1)       The Right to Equality

(2)       Right Against exploitation

(3)       Right to Constitutional Remedies

(4)       Educational and Cultural Rights

Answer (3)


Q.10   Which of the following writs of the high court or the supreme court is sought to produce in the court a person, suspected to be missing/ in custody? (SSC 2005)

(1)       Mandamus                                     (2)       Qua Warranto

(3)       Habeas Corpus                               (4)       Certiorari

Answer (3)

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