Polity Quiz  6th April 2017

By: D.K Choudhary

Q.1     The disputes regarding the election of the president and vice president of india are decided by the ?(SSC 2006)

(A)      Parliament                          (B)      Election commission

(C)       Supreme court                   (D)      High Court

Answer (C)


Q.2     How many types of writs can be issued by the supreme court?          (SSC 2007)

(A)      2          (B)      3          (C)       5                      (D)      6

Answer (C)


Q.3     The supreme court of india enjoys?   (SSC 2007)

(A)      Original jurisdiction                                 (B)      Advisory jurisdiction

(C)       Appellate and advisory jurisdictions (D)      Original appellate and advisory jurisdiction

Answer (D)


Q.4     What makes the judiciary the guardian of the constitution?    (SSC 2009)

(A)      Independence                    (B)      Service conditions

(C)       Salary                                                (D)      Judicial Review

Answer (D)


Q.5     In the  supreme court of india the number of judges including the chief justice I s now?            (SBI 2008)

(A)      20                   (B)      21                   (C)       25                   (D)      31

Answer (D)

Q.6     Who remains in office as long as the president of india wishes? (MP PCS Pre 2004)

(A)      Governor                             (B)      Election commissioner

(C)       Judge of Supreme Court (D)      Speaker of Lok Sabha

Answer (A)


Q.7     The executive power of the state are vested in the governor under article ….. of the  constitution?(WB PCS Pre 2004)

(A)      Article 14                 (B)      Article 154 (1)

(C)       Article 155              (D)      Article 356

Answer (B)


Q.8     Ordinance of Governor has to be passed by the assembly within?    (TN PCS Pre 2009)

(A)      6 Weeks                   (B)      8 Weeks

(C)       10 Weeks                 (D)      12 Weeks

Answer (A)


Q.9     The Chief Minister is appointed by ? (SSC 2008)

(A)      Governor                                                     (B)      President

(C)       The Chief justice of Supreme Court    (D)      Chief justice of High Court

Answer (A)


Q.10   Who among the following was the first woman chief minister in independent india?

(CDS 2001)

(A)      Amrit Kaur               (B)      Sarojini Naidu

(C)       Sucheta Kriplani    (D)      Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

Answer (C)

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