Polity Quiz 5th May 2017

By: D.K Choudhary

Q.1       No Government expenditure can be incurred in India except with the sanction of?

(SSC 2007)

(1)          The Parliament                                                 (2)          The Prime Minister

(3)          The President                                                   (4)          The Supreme Court

Answer (1)


Q.2       The majority of the provisions of the Indian constitution can be amended? (SSC 2007)

(1)          By the state legislatures action together

(2)          By the parliament alone

(3)          With the joint approval of the parliament and State legislatures

(4)          Only on ratification by half of the State

Answer (2)


Q.3       In our constitution ‘ Economic planning is included in’? (SSC 2007)

(1)          Union List                                           (2)          State List

(3)          Concurrent List                 (4)          Not any specified List

Answer (3)


Q.4       A candidate to become a member of the Rajya Sabha should not be less than? (SSC 2007)

(1)          21 year of age                                    (2)          25 year of age

(3)          30 year of age                                    (4)          32 year of age

Answer (3)


Q.5       The Union parliament consists of? (SSC CPO 2007)

(1)          The president of India                                                   (2)          The council of states (Rajya Sabha)

(3)          The Houses of the people (Lok Sabha)   (4)          All of the Above

Answer (4)


Q.6       The maximum strength of  the  elected members of the house of the people (Lok Sabha) is ? (SSC CPO 2007)

(1)          530                                                         (2)          545

(3)          540                                                         (4)          550

Answer (2)


Q.7       How many readings does a non money bill have in each houses of the parliament?

(SSC CPO 2007)

(1)          Two                                                       (2)          Three

(3)          Four                                                       (4)          One

Answer (2)


Q.8       By which bill does the government propose collection of revenues for a year?

(SSC Audit 2008)

(1)          Economic Bill                                     (2)          Finance Bill

(3)          Supplementary Bill                         (4)          None of the above

Answer (2)


Q.9       The Indian parliament is competent to enact  law on a state subject if ? (SSC 2008)

(1)          Emergency under article 352 is in operation

(2)          All the state assemblies of the country make such a request

(3)          The president sends such a massage to parliament

(4)          None of these

Answer (1)


Q.10       The president of India enjoys emergency powers of? ( SSC 2008)

(1)          Four Type                                            (2)          Two Type

(3)          Five Type                                            (4)          Three Type

Answer (4)

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