Polity Quiz 4th Dec 2017

By: D.K Chaudhary

  • Which writ is for protection of personal liberty? –                                     ‘ to have the body of ‘
  • If the person has been detained unlawfully without assigning a reason of such detention the supreme court of india can issue which type of writ among following. – Habeas
  • Corpus
  •  In what condition the writ of habeas corpus is issued: – Unlawful detention by police
  • What is called by the order issued by the supreme court or a high court for enforcement of the fundamental rights.   –            
  • Which of the writ is issued against a unauthorized person? -Mandamus.
  • Which of writ can be issued by the supreme court or a high court to perform a task that he failed to perform? -Mandamus.
  • What type of writ can be issued to Courts, Corporation, Public official or persons to perform their public duties? – Mandamus.
  • To whom mandamus can be issued by the Supreme court? – To a public official asking him to perform his official duties.
  • Which type of democracy has been adopted in Switzerland? – Direct Democracy.
  • In which centenary ‘Liberalism’ emerged as a complete political philosophy?
  • – Ninteenth Century.
  • In which country the concept of “Constitution emerged first time”? –                             Britain
  • Who supported the “Absolute sovereignty of King”? –             Thomas Hobbes
  • Who was the proponent of theory of “Natural Right”? – Locke

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