Polity Quiz 3rd April 2017

By: D.K Choudhary

Q.1     The comptroller and auditor general of india acts as the chief accountant and auditor for the ?  (SSC Grad. 2003)

(A)      Union Government                      (B)      State Government

(C)       Union And State Government  (D)      Neither Union and State Government

Answer (C)

Q.2     What is the period of appointment of the comptroller and auditor general of india?

(SSC Grad. 2005)

(A)      6 Years                                                                                  (B)      Upto 65 Years of age

(C)       6 years or 65 years of age whichever is earlier      (D)      upto 64 years of age

Answer (C)

Q.3     Who is the highest civil servant of the union government ?     (SSC 2006)

(A)      Attorney General             (B)      Cabinet Secretary

(C)       Home Secretary                (D)      Principle secretary to the P.M

Answer (B)

Q.4     The Attorney general of india is appointed by ?    (RRB 2006)

(A)      The president of india                 (B)      The Prime Minister

(C)       The Chief justice of india                        (D)      The UPSC

Answer (A)

Q.5     In india’ The Comptroller –general of accounts presents a detailed analytical review of union government acconts to the finance ministry every ?      (CDS 2002)

(A)      Years                                     (B)      Six Months

(C)       Three Months        (D)      Month

Answer (A)

Q.6     Which of the following state is a member of the ‘seven Sisters’ ?

(A)      West Bengal (B)       Tripura

(C)       Orissa            (D)      Bihar                                                              (SSC Tax Asst.2008)

Answer (B) 

Q.7     Sikkim was made an integral part of india under the ?

(A)      36th Amendment    (B)       39th Amendment

(C)       40th Amendment    (D)      42nd Amendment                           (UP PCS Main.2008)

Answer (A) 

Q.8     Among the following states, which one was formed last?

(A)      Andhra Pradesh     (B)       Gujarat

(C)       Karnnataka              (D)      Punjab                                               (CDS 2006)

Answer (C) 

Q.9     Which one of the following is the first state to have been formed on linguistic basis ?

(A)      Andhra Pradesh     (B)       Gujarat

(C)       Karnnataka              (D)      Punjab                                               (CDS 2006)

Answer (A)

Q.10   The power to curve out a new state is vested in ?

(A)      The Parliament       (B)       The President

(C)       The Council of Ministers   (D)      State’s Reorganizations commission (UP PCS Main 2008)

Answer (A)


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