Polity Quiz 30 june 2016

Polity Quiz 30 june 2016

By: D.K Choudhary

Q.1     The Speaker’s vote in the lok Sabha is called?-(SSC 2008)

(A)      Casting vote                        (B)      Sound vote

(C)       Direct vote                          (D)      Indirect vote

Answer (A)


Q.2     The chairperson of the Lok Sabha is designated as ?       (SBI 2008)

(A)      Chairman                 (B)      Speaker

(C)       Vice-President       (D)      President                 (E)       None of these

Answer (B)


Q.3     Who among the following was not elected for two terms as the speaker of lok sabha?

(CDS  2006)

(A)      G.M.C Balayogi                  (B)      N. Sanjiva Reddy

(C)       Balram Jakhar                     (D)      Baliram Bhagat

Answer (D)


Q.4     The first speaker against whom a motion of no-confidence was moved in the lok sabha was?  (UP PCS 2004)

(A)      Balram jakhar                     (B)      G. V. Malavankar

(C)       Hukum singh                       (D)      K.S. Hegde

Answer (B)


Q.5     Who decides whether a bill is a money bill or not?-(UP PCS 2007)

(A)      The president                     (B)      The Speaker

(C)       The Finance Secretary     (D)      The Finance Minister

Answer (B)


Q.6     Who among the following was never the lok sabha speaker?  (UPSC 2004)

(A)      K.V.K. Sundram                              (B)      G.S Dhillon

(C)       Baliram Bhagat                              (D)      Hukum Singh

Answer (A)


Q.7     What can be maximum interval between two- sessions of parliament?      (SSC 2000)

(A)      3 Months                 (B)      4 Months

(C)       6 Months                 (D)      9 Months

Answer (C)


Q.8     Bill of which of following categories can be initiated only in lok sabha?(NDA 2003)

(A)      Ordinary bill                       (B)      Private members bill

(C)       Money bill                           (D)      Constitution amendment bill

Answer (C)


Q.9     Who decides whether a bill is a money bill or not?          (NDA 2009)

(A)      Speaker of Lok Sabha                   (B)      The President

(C)       Prime Minister                              (D)      The parliament select committee

Answer (A)


Q.10   By which bill the government propose collection of revenues for a year? (SSC 2007)

(A)      Economic bill                      (B)      Finance bill

(C)       Supplementary bill           (D)      None of these

Answer (B)

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