Polity Quiz 27th March 2017

By: D.K Choudhary

  • The money bill can be introduced only in:Lok Sabha
  • When presiding officer of house prohibits a member of the house and allow another member to speak. What is this process called? –                                                       – Yeilding the Floor.
  • A member of parliament shall lose his membership if he is continuously absent for a period of: –                                                                        -60 days.
  • By what means parliament exercises control over administration:- –               –                      Through parliamentary committees.
  • In which of the states the maximum number of seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribes:         –                                            -Madhya Pradesh.
  • Parliament can make law to enforce internation treaties in any part or whole of india: –                        -Without the consent of the states.
  • The maximum gap between sessions of parliament can be more than:       –            6 Months.
  • Unilike, other bills a money bill is required to be passed by Lok Sabha only: -False.
  • An amendment to appropriation bill cannot be prepared in any other house of parliament:-True.
  • Money cannot be withdrawn from the consolidated fund of india except under provisions of appropriation act.           –True.
  • The appropriation act.                 –True.
  • The appropriation act can be introduced only the recommendation of the parliament of india.-True.
  • Who has given “Zero Hour”? -India.
  • From where, india has adopted federal system with strong centre.                                 –Canada.
  • Which legislature has been universally accepted as the member of all parliaments. –                                                    Parliament of Britain.
  • A bill sent to joint session of the houses shall be passed by : – Simple majority of the members present and voting.
  • How many reading are the to pass a non-money bill in parliament:                                       –      
  • No government expenditure can be undertaken without the permission of :  -Parliament.
  • The concept of “Supremacy of Parliament” belongs to which of the Country? – Britain.
  • In which sense the Indian parliamentary from differs from British Parliament from? –     – The presence of judicial review in India.

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