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By: D.K Choudhary

Q.1     Which of the following statements is correct about prime minister of india? (UPPCS 2013)

(A)      Prime minister is the nominal head of the council of ministers.

(B)      He is not responsible to the parliament.

(C)       Se cannot dismiss any of his ministers.

(D)      Prime minister is the real head of the council of ministers.

Ans:- (D)      

Under Article 74 (1) of the Indian constitution it is clearly mentioned that the council of ministers will be headed by prime minister, who shall in the exercise of his functions, act in accordance with the advice given by the council of ministers, so option (D) is the correct answer.


Q.2     Prime Minister of india is? (Chhattisgarh PCS 2013)

(A)      Elected                                 (B)      Selected

(C)       Nominated                          (D)      Appointed

Ans:- (D)

The Prime Minister of India is appointed by the president, and other ministers are also appointed by the president by the president on the advice of the Prime Minister [Act 75 (1)].


Q.3     Which of the following in not true? (UP PCS 2016)

(A)      The president or Governor is immune from legal action for officials acts.

(B)      No Court can compel a governor to perform any duty.

(C)       A two month’s notice in writing must be delivered to a governor for bringing civil proceedings in respect of their personal acts.

(D)      Court are empowered to enquire the advice tendered by the ministers to the president or governor.

Ans:- (D)

According to Article 74(2) on the question whether any and if so what advice was terdered by ministers to the president shall not be inquired into any court. So option (D) in not correct while other options are correct.


Q.4     The prime minister of india is the head of the? (B. PCS 2005)

(A)      State government                                                (B)      Central government

(C)       Both State and Central Government (D)      None of them

Ans:- (B)

According to Article 74(1), there shall be a council of ministers with the prime minister at the head to aid and advise the president. The Prime minister of india is head of the Government while the president of india is head of the State.


Q.5     Article 78 of the Constitution on India lays down the duties of the? (UP PCS 2014)

(A)      Speaker of Lok Sabha                                           (B)      Chairman of Rajya Sabha

(C)       Comptroller and Auditor General of India   (D)      Prime Minister

Ans:- (D)

Article 78 envisages the duties of the prime minister in respect of furnishing of information to the president .

(1)  Relating to administration of affairs of the union.

(2)  If president requires submit for the consideration of council of ministers on anu matter on which a decision has been taken by a minister but not considered by the council.


Q.6     Cabinet means? (UK. PCS 2006)

(A)      All ministers in the government

(B)      Ministers with Cabinet Rank

(C)       Cabinet ministers and their secretaries

(D)      Ministers of State.

Ans:- (B)

The union council of ministers exercises executive authority in the republic of India. It consists of the senior executive body called the union cabinet which is the supreme decision making body in india. Only prime minister and ministers of the rank of cabinet minister are members of the cabinet.


Q.7     Cabinet includes? (UP. PCS 1992)

(A)      Ministers with cabinet rank

(B)      Ministers of State level

(C)       Cabinet minister and State minister

(D)      Cabinet minister, minister of state with independent charge and minister of state.

Ans:- (A)

See the Explanation of above question.


Q.8     Who exercises the actual/Executive power under the parliamentary from of government? (MP. PCS 2006)

(A)      Parliament                          (B)      Prime Minister

(C)       President                             (D)      Bureaucracy

Ans:- (B)

In the Parliamentary from of Government, the real Executive power is exercised by the  prime minister, and the provision regarding this is mentioned in Article 75 of the Indian constitution.


Q.9     Consider the following statements:- (I A S 2014)

  1. The president shall make rules for more convenient transaction of the business of the government of india, and for the allocation among ministers of the said business.
  2. All executive actions of the government of india shall be expressed to be taken in the name of the prime minister.

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?

(A)      1 only                                    (B)      2 only

(C)       Both 1 and 2           (D)      None of them

Ans:- (A)

Article 77 (1) says that all executive action of the government of india shall be expressed to be taken in the name of the president. So statement 2 is wrong whereas statement 1 is right. According to article 77(3) the president shall make a rule for more convenient transaction of the business of government of india and for allocation among ministers of the said business.


Q.10   If the prime minister of india belongs to the Upper house of parliament?(I A S Pre 1997)

(A)      He will not be able to vote in his favor in the event of a o confidence motion.

(B)      He will not be able to speak on the budget in the lower house.

(C)       He can make statements only in the Upper house.

(D)      He will have to become a member of the lower house within six month agter being sworn in as the prime minister.

Ans:- (A)

The Prime Minister of any cabinet minister has right to speak and vote in the house where he is a member, but the house where he is not a member he can speak but does not have the right to vote. Here in the question a prime minister, who belongs to upper house of parliament, cannot vote in his favor in the event of a no—confidence motion.

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