Polity Quiz 24th Jan 2018 

By: D.K Chaudhary

Q.1   Sikkim become a state of India under? (B. PCS 1999)

(A)      30th Amendment                             (B)    32nd Amendment

(C)       35th Amendment                           (D)      40th Amendment

Ans:- (C)

Sikkim the north—eastern state of India became the  22nd state by the 36th Amendment to the constitution in 1975. In 1974, the Sikkim assembly passed a government of Sikkim Act, 1974, which paved the way for setting up the first ever responsible government in Sikkim and sought Sikkim’s representation in the political institutions of India. India also passed the 35th amendment Act 1974 which inserted a new article 2A (Sikkim to be associate state) and as 36th amendment Act 1975 integrated Sikkim as the full—fledged state of India 22nd state. 36th amendment is not in the given option, so 35th amendment will be the correct answer.


Q.2   Which of the following constitutional amendment integrated Sikkim as a full—fledged state of the Indian Union? (UP.PCS 2005)

(A)      34th                                                       (B)    35th

(C)       36th                                                       (D)    37th

Ans:- (C)

See the explanation of above question.


Q.3   A separate vananchal state carved out of bihar can be made possible by? (B. PCS 1999)

(A)      Passing the legislation in state assembly.

(B)      Passing the ordinance by the governor.

(C)       Completing constitutional formalities.

(D)      None of these.

Ans:- (D)

The power to from a new state by separation of territory from any state has been given to the parliament under article 3 of the constitution. Thus the option D is correct.


Q.4   Which one of the following is the correct chronological order of the formation of the following Indian states? Use the codes giben below to select the correct answer? (UP. PCS 2009)

  1. Chhattisgarh 2. Arunachal Pradesh
  2. Jharkhand           4.        Sikkim


(A)      4, 1, 3 2                                                         (B)      4, 1, 2, 3

(C)       3, 2, 1, 4                                                       (D)      1, 4, 2, 3

Ans:- (B)

Sikkim became a part of Indian Republic on 16 may 1975. The formation year of Arunachal Pradesh is 1987. The  formation of Chhattisgarh (carved out from Madhya Pradesh) was done on 15 November, 2000 by craving southern part of Bihar.


Q.5   Chhattisgarh state came into existence on? (Chhatisgarh PCS. 2011)

(A)      1st November 2000                                  (B)      9th November 2000

(C)       10th November 2000                                (D)      1st January 2002

Ans:- (A)

See the explanation of above question.


Q.6   Uttarakhand state was created in? (UP. PCS 2014)

(A)      Year 1999                                          (B)    Year 2000

(C)       Year 2001                                          (D)    Year 2002

Ans:- (B)

On November 9, 2000, the state of Uttarakhand was formed as the 27th state of India.


Q.7   ‘People’s War Group’ a terrorist organization is based in? (R.A.S/ R.T.S 1999)

(A)      Tripura                                                (B)    Assam

(C)       Nagaland                                          (D)      Andhra Pradesh

Ans:- (D)

‘People’s War Group ’ was established by kondapalli  seetharamaiah on 22 April 1980 in Andhra Pradesh.


Q.8   The Commission for reorganization of States on the basis of language was established in? (UP. PCS 1990)

(A)      1856                                                    (B)    1956

(C)       1957                                                     (D)   1973

Ans:- (*)

The Commission for Reorganisation of states on the basisi of language was established on 29th December 1953 the commission submitted its report on 30th December 1955. Fazal Ali was the chairman of the commission oand K.M. Panikkar and H.N. Kunzru were its member. On the recommendation of commission report, the  state reorganization Act. 1956 was passed. Andhra Pradesh in 1953 was the first state established on linguistic basis.


Q.9   The States were reorganized on the basis of language in? (MP. PCS 1992)

(A)      1956                                                    (B)    1960

(C)       1962                                                     (D)   1966

Ans:- (C)

See the explanation of above question.


Q.10   In which year were the states reorganized on linguistic basis? (UK. U.D.A./L.D.A. 2007)

(A)      1947                                                              (B)      1951

(C)       1956                                                              (D)      1966

Ans:- (C)

See the explanation of above question.


Q.11   Which is the first ever state constituted on linguistic basis? (MP. PCS 2016)

(A)      Rajasthan                                           (B)    Andhra Pradesh

(C)       Madhya Pradesh                           (D)      Karnataka

Ans:- (B)

See the explanation of above question.


Q.12   Which state enjoys the distinction of first being created on linguistic basis in India? (MP. PCS 1991)

(A)      West Bengal                                     (B)    Punjab

(C)       Tamil Nadu                                      (D)      Andhra Pradesh

Ans:- (D)

See the explanation of above question.


Q.13   Andhra Pradesh was created as a language based state in? (UP. PCS 2009)

(A)      1950                                                    (B)    1953

(C)       1956                                                  (D)      1961

Ans:- (B)

See the explanation of above question.


Q.14   In which year were the Indian states reorganized on the recommendation of the state reorgansistion commission? (UK. U.D.A./ L.D.A. 2007)

(A)      1947                                                    (B)    1951

(C)       1956                                                  (D)      1966

Ans:- (C)

See the explanation of above question.

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