Polity Quiz 23rd August 2017

By. D.K Choudhary

Q.1         The Concept of  judicial review in our constitution has been taken from the constitution of ?

(A)          England                                (B)          USA

(C)          Canada                                 (D)          Australia                                                                              (SSC Grad. 2006)

Answer (B)

Q.2         The constitution of india borrowed the scheme of indian federation from the constitution of:?

(A)          USA                       (B)          Canada

(C)          U.K                         (D)          Ireland                                                                                                  (UP PCS Main 2008)

Answer (B)

Q.3         The federal system with strong centre has been borrowed  by the indian constitution from?

(A)          USA                       (B)          Canada

(C)          U.K                         (D)          France                                                                                                  (SSC Mat. 2008)

Answer (B)

Q.4         The idea of including the Emergency provisions in the constitution of india has been borrowed from?

(A)          Constitution of Canada                  (B)          Weimar constitution of Germany

(C)          Constitution of  Ireland                                 (D)          Constitution of USA                                                        (NDA 2009)

Answer (B)

Q.5         The Office of Lokpal and Lokayukta in india is based on which one of the following—-?

(A)          Parliamentary commissioner of UK

(B)          Ombudsman in scandinavia

(C)          Procurator general of russia

(D)          Council of state in France                                                                                             (CDS 2007)

Answer (B)

Q.6         Which of the following was the biggest source for the constitution of india?

(A)          The Government of india act, 1919

(B)          The Government of india act,1935

(C)          The Indian Independence act, 1947

(D)          None of Above                                                                                                 (WB PCS Pre. 2007)

Answer (B)

Q7          Of the following words in the preamble of the  constitution of india which was not inserted through the constitution (Forty Second )

(A)          Socialist                (B)          Secular

(C)          Dignity                  (D)          Integrity                                                                               (SSC Grad. 2004)

Answer (C)

Q.8         At the time of enactment of the constitution, Which one of the following ideals was not included in the preamble?

(A)          Liberty                  (B)          Equality

(C)          Socialist                (D)          Justice                                                                                  (SSC Grad. 2006)

Answer (C)

Q.9         Which Amendment act introduced changes in the preamble to the indian constitution?

(A)          The 38th  Amendment act 1975

(B)          The 40th Amendment act 1976

(C)          The 42nd  Amendment act 1976

(D)          The 44th Amendment act 1979                                                                                    (SSC Grad.2006)

Answer (C)

Q.10 The preamble of our constitution reads india as?

(A)          Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, Democratic Republic

(B)          Sovereign, Democratic , socialist, secular republic

(C)          Socialist  sovereign , democratic ,secular ,republic

(D)          Democratic , sovereign , secular , socialist republic                                                            (SSC CPO 2008 )

Answer (A)

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