Polity Quiz 22nd Jan 2017

By: D.K Choudhary
 Directive principles are not enforceable at court of law. –True
 Directive principles have political acceptability. – – True
 Directive principles are procalimation of objectives of state legislation. –True
 Directive principles provides for free medical care and equal income to all citizens of india. – -False.
 What of the part of Indian constitution proclaims the ideal of welfare state.
-Directive principles of State Policy.
 In which part of Indian constitution the provison of separation of judiciary and legislature has been made? -Directive Principles of State Policy
 On the basis of which of the article of Indian constitution the government can persuade employers to make provision for ‘maternity relief’. –Art. 42.
 The power of centre government to make law on ‘Cow Slaughter’ has been provided under which article of Indian Constitution. –Directive principles of State Policy – Act-48.
 According to Directive principles of state policy up to which age of children are expected to provide free and compulsory education. – Up to 14 years.
 Under which provision the right to free education has been provided? -Under Directive Principles of State Policy ( DPSP).
 On which directive principles of state policy is directly influenced by Gandhian Moral philosophy? – Free legal aid to the poor.
 Which of the Article of the DSPS provides for promotion of international peace and harmony. – -Art. 51
 In which part of the Indian constitution the concept of welfare state has been thoroughly discussed? -DPSP.
 Which constitutional amendment accorded higher status to DPSP In comparation to ‘Fundamental Rights’? – -42nd constitutional Amendment.
 What is the nature of DPSP in Indian constitution? –Not-enforceable at court of law.

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