Polity Quiz 21th September 2016 (English)

Polity Quiz 21th September 2016 (English)

By: D.K Choudhary

Q.1 Fourth state is referred to ?          (SSC Mts 1999)

(1)     Public Opinion             (2)     Chamber of commerce

(3)     The Newspaper           (4)     Political parties

Ans. (3)


Q.2 In which state does the governor nominate women to the assembly? (SSCMts 1999)

(1)     Jammu And Kashmir             (2)     Sikkim

(3)     Manipur                                 (4)     Nagaland

Ans. (1)


Q.3 The First speaker of Lok Sabha was ? (SSC Mts 2001)

(1)     Rabi Ray              (2)     M. Ananthasayanam Ayangar

(3)     Hukam singh       (4)     G.V. Mavalankar

Ans. (1)


Q.4 When was RTI act enacted in india ?     (SSC LDC 2015)

(1)     15th june 2005             (2)     15th august 2005

(3)     15th March 2005                   (4)     15th July 2005

Ans. (4)


Q.5 The Term “Fourth State ” is used for ?  (SSC Mts 2001)

(1)     The press and newspaper              (2)     Parliament

(3)     Judiciary                                           (4)     The Executive

Ans. (1)


Q.6 This political party was first derecognized And letter on again recognized as a national party by the election commission of india?        (SSC Mts 2001)

(1)     Communist party of india              (2)     Communist party of india Marxist

(3)     Samajwadi party                             (4)     Republican party of india

Ans. (2)


Q.7 Cummunism has given importance to? (SSC Mts 2002)

(1)     Political equality                   (2)     Economic equality

(3)     Social equality                        (4)     natural equality

Ans. (2)


Q.8 Who was the first women ambassador from india?         (SSC Mts 2002)

(1)     sarojini Naidu                         (2)     Aruna Asaf Ali
(3)     Vihaya Lakshmi Pandit         (4)     C.B Muthamma

Ans. (3)


Q.9 “From each according  to his capacity to each according to his needs ” is the principle of ? (SSC Mts 2002)

(1)     Democracy                   (2)     Fascism

(3)     Communism                 (4)     Dictatorship

Ans. (3)


Q.10 Who was the first woman chief minister of a state? (SSCMts 2002)

(1)     Sarojine Naidu             (2)     Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit

(3)     Sucheta kripalani         (4)     Jayalalithaa

Ans. (3)

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