Polity Quiz 21st Fab 2017

By: D.K Choudhary

  • The 104th constitutional amendment bill was related to which of the subject? –Reservation seats to socially and educationally backward clases in private educational institutions.
  • Which of the subject can be amended only with the ratification by 50% if the state legislatures. – Election of president, Representation of states in parliament, any list under seventh Schedule.
  • The 80th constitutional amendment is related with ? – Free and compulsory education to the children of 6-14 Years of age.
  • In Indian constitution which of the constitution amendment has given the power to president to send a bill for reconsideration to the council of ministers. – 44th Constitutional Amendment.
  • Under Indian constitution an amendment bill can be initiated by: -Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha  and President.
  • The 98th constitutional amendment is related with which of the subject? – Conferment of status of National Capital rigion to Delhi.
  • The 75th constitutional amendment deals with: –– Establishment of state level Rent-Tribunals.
  • The 73th constitutional amendment deals with: -Provision of no reservation to scheduled caste in Panchyats in Arunachal Pradesh.
  • The 80th constitutional amendment act 2000 is related with: – Adoption of recommendations of 10th finance commission.
  • Which of the bill need to be ratified by each of the house of parliament by special majority? –             A Constitutional amendment bill.
  • Which of the constitutional amendment is related with increase in number of members of parliament to be elected from the state? –   7th and the 31st Constitutional Amendments.
  • The 84th constitutional amendment has lifted the ban on delimitation of election constitue –ncies as imposed by 42nd amendment? –

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