Polity Quiz 20th Fab 2017

By: D.K. Choudhary

  • Within how many days the two houses of parliament need to approve an emergency arised due to external aggression and armed rebellion? – Within One Month.
  • After the proclaimation of emergency by the president within which period it needs to be ratified by each house of parliament?  With One Month.
  • Which of the article deal with emergency provisions? – Article 352, 356, 360.
  • During the period of emergency the president can issue ordinance even if the parliament is in session? -True.
  • In India the Union can legislate over state list only during operation of emergency. – Financial Emergency.
  • In which of the article of Indian constitution the financial emergency has been given? – Art. 360.
  • The proclaimation of financial emergency shall not be in operation after expiry of two months unless it has been confirmed by each house of parliament before expiry of such period? –
  • In Indian constitution how many types of emer- gency situations have been discussed? – Three.
  • How many times the president of india has proclaimed national emergency so far? – Three.
  • Under which the article the president of india can proclaim national emergency? – Art.352.
  • During which type of emergency a law can be enacted even if it is in contravention to article 19 of the constitution of india? –                            – Internal Armed Rebellion.
  • Under which of the article fail the constitutional machinery of a state is declared? Article 356.
  • Within how much time the approval of a emergency declared on grounds of external aggression or war is expected to be given by parliament?                    – Within One Month.
  • It shall be the duty of centre to protect states from external aggression or armed rebellion. In which of the article of the Indian constitution this provision has been incorporated? –Art.355.
  • Who was the president of india at the time of proclaimation of emergency in 1976.?

-Fakkrudeen Ali Ahmed.

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