Polity Quiz 18th 2017

By: D.K Choudhary
 The allocation of some financial resources is done by whom. – Finance Commission.
 The finance Commission is a : Five Year Institution.
 Who appoints the chairman of finance Commission? – – The President of India.
 Who constitution finance commission of india?
 Who recommends the principles governing the grants in aid to the states from the consolidated fund of india. – Finance Commission.
 Which agency determines the principles governing grants –in – aid to states from the consoalidates fund of India. –Finance Commission.
 When was the first finance commission constituted? – – 1952.
 Which agency plays a co-ordinating role among centre government , planning commission and the state Governments? -Finance Commisson.
 The chairman of finance commission is required to: – -Have Experience in public affairs.
 Who decides about the allocation of resources between the centre and the States. – – Finance Commission.

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