Polity Quiz 18 July , 2016 (English)

Polity Quiz 18 July , 2016

By: D.K Choudhary


Q.1     What is the maximum time interval permissible between two successive sessions of the parliament? (SSC 2005)

(1)       4 months                              (2)       6 months

(3)       8 months                              (4)       9 months

Ans. (2)


Q.2     What is the minimum age laid down for a candidate to seek election to the Lok Sabha? (SSC CGL 2005)

(1)       18 Years                   (2)       21 Years

(3)       25 Years                   (4)       30 Years

Ans. (3)


Q.3     Which of the following taxes is exclusively and totally assigned to the Central Government by the constitution? (SSC CGL 2005)

(1)       Estate duty                                                              (2)       Sales Tax

(3)       Taxes on railway fares and freights                (4)       Corporation tax

Ans. (4)


Q.4     When the offices of both the president and vice- president of India are vacant, who will discharge their functions? (SSC tax 2005)

(1)       Prime Minister                              (2)       Chief Minister

(3)       Chief justice of India                    (4)       The Speaker of the Lok Sabha

Ans. (3)


Q.5     Who is eligible to cast the deciding vote over a bill in a joint parliamentary session?

(SSC Tax 2005)

(1)       Chairman of Rajya Sabha                        (2)       Deputy Speaker of Lok Sabha

(3)       Speaker of Lok Sabha                               (4)       Prime Minister

Ans. (3)


Q.6     Representation of any state in Rajya Sabha is according to? (SSC Tax 2005)

(1)       Area of the state                                      

(2)       Population of the State

(3)       Number of representatives in Lok Sabha from the state

(4)       Fixed number of candidate from each state

Ans. (2)


Q.7     The Electoral College that elects the president of India consists of? (SSC 2005)

(1)       Elected members of all the State Legislative

(2)       Members of the Lok Sabha and State Assemblies

(3)       Elected members of the Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and State Assemblies

(4)       Elected members of the Rajya Sabha and State Legislative

Ans. (3)


Q.8     The constitution of India lays down that the two houses of parliament must be summoned at least? (SSC CPO 2006)

(1)       Four time a Year                            (2)       Thrice a Year

(3)       Twice a year                                    (4)       Once a Year

Ans. (3)


Q.9     The Vice-President of India is also the? (SSC CPO 2006)

(1)       Speaker of Lok Sabha

(2)       Ex-Officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha

(3)       Head of the State

(4)       Head of the Government

Ans. (2)

Q.10   The president of the Union of India has the same constitutional authority as the?

(SSC Tax 2006)

(1)       British Monarch                            (2)       President of USA

(3)       President of Pakistan                  (4)       President of France

Ans. (1)

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