Polity Quiz 16th June 2017

By: D.K Choudhary

Q.1     Who is the first woman to become the prime minister of a country ?          (CDS 2004)

(A)      Golda meir              (B)      Margaret thatcher

(C)       Indira Gandhi          (D)      Sirimavo Bhandharnaike

Answer (D)


Q.2     In india, the prime minister remains in office so long as he enjoys the? (SSC 2006)

(A)      Support of armed forces            (B)      Confidence of Rajya Sabha

(C)       Confidence of Lok Sabha                        (D)      Support of the people

Answer (C)


Q.3     Which party provided two prime ministers on two year’s time?        (SSC CPO 2008)

(A)      B.J.P.                          (B)      Janata Party

(C)       Janata Dal                (D)      Samajwadi janata Party

Answer (C)


Q.4     Who for the following became prime minister of india without becoming a union cabinet minister?     (CDS 2003)

(A)      Chaudhary Charan Singh             (B)      H.D. Deve Gowda

(C)       Morarji Desai                                 (D)      I. K. Gujral

Answer (B)


Q.5     Who was the prime minister of india when the anti-Defection bill was passed?

(CDS 2006)

(A)      Indira Gandhi                      (B)      Rajiv Gandhi

(C)       V.P Singh                              (D)      H.D. Deve Dowda

Answer (B)


Q.6     ‘Shakti Sthal’ is Related to whom ?                (46th  BPSC 2004)

(A)      Indira Gandhi                      (B)      Rajiv Gandhi

(C)       Mahatma Gandhi              (D)      Jawahar lal  Nehru

Answer (A)


Q.7     It was withdrawal of support by the congress (1) which was responsible for the resignation of         (UP PCS 2004)

(A)      Charan sinsh           (B)      Chandera  shekhar

(C)       H.D. Deve Gowda  (D)      All of These

Answer (D)


Q.8     Who exercises the actual executive power under the parliamentary form of government.           (MP PCS 2004)

(A)      Parliament                          (B)      Prime minister

(C)       President                             (D)      Bureaucracy

Answer (B)


Q.9     The council of ministers dose not include? (SSC 2008)

(A)      Cabinet minister               (B)      Ministers of state

(C)       Ministers without portfolio      (D)      Cabinet Secretary

Answer (D)


Q.10   The Union cabinet is personally responsible to?   (RRB  2006)

(A)      The Rajya Sabha And Lok Sabha

(B)      The president of india

(C)       The Lok Sabha Only

(D)      The Electorate

Answer (B)

Q.11   Who was the first foreign minister of free india? (NDA 2008)

(A)      Jawahar Lal Nehru                        (B)      Gulzari Lal Nanda

(C)       Lal Bahadur Shastri          (D)      John Mathai

Answer (A)


Q.12   The council of ministers of Indian union is collectively responsible to the ?(CDS 2008)

(A)      President     (B)      Prime Minister

(C)       Rajya Sabha (D)      Lok Sabha

Answer (D)


Q.13   Who was the Defence minister of india during the indo-China war of 1962?(CDS 2007)

(A)      R.N Thapar                          (B)      Govind Ballabh Pant

(C)       V.K. Krishna Menon         (D)      Jagjivan Ram

Answer (C)


Q.14   In which of the following ministries the census Organization has been functioning oa a permanent footing since 1961?          (CDS 2007)

(A)      Home Affairs                                              (B)      Health and family Welfare

(C)       Human resource Development                        (D)      Social justice and empowerment

Answer (A)


Q.15   Who is called th father of Indian economic reform?        (47th BPSC 2005)

(A)      Jawahar Lal Nehru                                    (B)      Indira Gandhi

(C)       Manmohan singh                          (D)      None of These

Answer (C)

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