Polity Quiz 16 July , 2016

Polity Quiz 16 July , 2016

By: D.K Choudhary


Q.1     What is the composition of the electoral college for the election fo vice – president of India? (SSC Audit 2003)

(1)       Elected members of Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha, and State Legislative Assemblies

(2)       Elected members of Lok Sabha ans Rajya Sabha

(3)       Members of both Houses of parliament

(4)       Members of Rajya Sabha only

Ans. (2)


Q.2     The function of protem speaker is to? (SSc 2003)

(1)       conduct the proceedings of the houses in the absence of the speaker

(2)       officiate as speaker when a speaker is unlikely to be elected

(3)       swearing a members and hold charge till a regular speaker is elected

(4)       check if the election certificates of members are in order

Ans. (3)


Q.3     Who among the following presides over the Lok sabha in the absence of speaker or deputy speaker of Lok Sabha? (SSC 2003)

(1)       A member nominated by the members of the president

(2)       A member nominated by the members of the parliament present in the house.

(3)       A person from the penal formed by the speaker of the Lok Sabha.

(4)       A senior most member of the House.

Ans. (3)


Q.4     Indian parliament includes? (SSC 2003)

(1)       Lok Sabha And Rajya Sabha       (2)       Only Lok Sabha

(3)       President and Lok Sabha            (4)       President,  Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

Ans. (4)


Q.5     What is the minimum age of prescribed for becoming a member of Rajya Sabha?

(SSC 2003)

(1)       25 Years                   (2)       21 Years

(3)       30 Years                   (4)       35 Years

Ans. (3)


Q.6     The Presidential Government operates on the principle of? (SSC CGL 2004)

(1)       Division of powers between Center and State

(2)       Centralization of powers

(3)       Balance of powers

(4)       Separation of powers

Ans. (4)


Q.7     What is the maximum time interval permitted between two sessions of parliament?

(SSC CGL 2004)

(1)       4 Months                 (2)       6 Months

(3)       8 Months                 (4)       9 Months

Ans. (2)


Q.8     The item “Education” belongs to the? (SSC CGL 2004)

 (1)      Union List                (2)       State List

(3)       Concurrent List      (4)       Residuary Subject

Ans. (3)


Q.9     What is the maximum number of the elected members of Rajya Sabha?

 (SSC CPO 2004)

(1)       250                 (2)       238

(3)       245                 (4)       248

Ans. (2)


Q.10   The joint session of the two houses of parliament is convened? (SSC CPO 2004)

(1)       Only in case of national emergency

(2)       When a bill passed by one house is rejected by the other house

(3)       Taxes approved by one house are rejected by the other house

(4)       Both 2,and 3

Ans. (4)

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