Polity Quiz 15th September 2016 (English)

Polity Quiz 15th  September 2016 (English)

By: D.K Choudhary

Q.1            In which of the following list does the subject planning figure? (SSC 2012)

(1)       State list                              (2)       Concurrent list

(3)       Residuary list                     (4)       Union List

Answer (2)

Q.2 Money can be spent out of the consolidated fund of India with the approval of?

(SSC 2012)

(1)       The parliament                                                      (2)       The Speaker of Lok Sabha

(3)       The comptroller and Auditor general                        (4)       The president

Answer (1)

Q.3            What is the time limit given to parliament to pass the ordinance promulgated by the president of India? (SSC 2012)

(1)       6 days                        (2)       6 weeks

(3)       6 months                  (4)       6 months and six weeks

Answer (2)

Q.4            The estimate committee consists of? (SSC 2012)

(1)       30 members of lok Sabha                       (2)       30 members of Rajya sabha

(3)       30 members of both Sabha                   (4)       22 members of Lok Sabha

Answer (1)

Q.5            The Speaker of Lok Sabha is elected by? (SSC 2012)

(1)       All the members of parliament

(2)       The people directly

(3)       All the members of lok Sabha

(4)       The members of the majority party in the lok sabha

Answer (1)


Q.6 Who chairs the Joint session of the two houses of parliament? (SSC 2012)

(1)       President                             (2)       Vice—President

(3)       Speaker of lok sabha        (4)       Prime minister

Answer (3)

Q.7 A Bill is a money Bill or not will be decide by? (SSC 2012)

(1)       Finance minister                           (2)       President

(3)       Chairman of Rajya Sabha            (4)       Speaker of lok sabha

Answer (4)

Q.8   From which historical work were the words “Satyameva  Jayate”  Appearong under the national emblem teken?       SSC Audit 2003

(1)     Bhagawad Geeta                   (2)     Rig Veda

(3)     Ramayana                    (4)     Mundaka Upanishad

Ans. (4)


Q.9   Which of the following is the biggest head of non – plan expenditure of government of india?           SSC CPO 2004

(1)     Interest Payments                (2)     Subsidies

(3)     Defence                        (4)     Salaries and wages

Ans. (1)


Q.10 Resources transferred from the government of india t states are termed statutory  if they are made?                   SSC CPO 2004

(1)     In the form of Loans            

(2)     On the recommend ations of the planning commission

(3)     On the recommend ations of the finance commission

(4)     In the form grants

Ans. (3)

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