Polity Quiz 15th June 2018 In English

By: D.K Chaudhary

Q.1      Which committee was established on criminal politician and bureaucratic nexus

(SSC LDC 2014)

(1)           Vohra Committee                               (2)           Indrajit Gupta Committee

(3)           Tarkunde Committee         (4)           Santhanam Committee

Ans. (1)


Q.2 In which year was the prevention of Terrorism act (POTA) enacted? (SSC LDC 2014)

(1)           2000                        (2)           2001                        (3)           2002                        (4)           2003

Ans. (3)


Q.3 Which one of the following committees report recommended the establishment of the institutions of lokpal and lokayukta? (SSC CISF 2015)

(1)           First administrative reforms committee       (2)           Gorwala Report

(3)           Ashok Mehta Committee                                  (4)           The Appleby report

Ans. (1)


Q.4 The woman’s reservation bill seeks how much reservation for woman in the state assemblies and lok sabha? (SSC CGL 2015)

(1)           30%                         (2)           35%                         (3)           33%                         (4)           36%

Ans. (3)


Q.5 What is the fascist view of Satate? (SSC CGL 2015)

(1)           State enhances the ideal of individualism

(2)           National state is unquestionably sovereign

(3)           State is the instrument of exploitation in the hands of few.

(4)           State is under of control of a king.

Ans. (2)


Q.6 The Environment (Protection bill) was passed by the parliament of india in?

(SSC CGL 2015)

(1)           1984                        (2)           1972                        (3)           1986                        (4)           1981

Ans. (3)


Q.7 Which of factor is necessary for the development of democratic institutions?

(SSC LDC 2015)

(1)           Strong military forces                        (2)           Respect for individual rights

(3)           A one-party system                            (4)           An agricultural economy

Ans. (2)


Q.8 The national green tribunal deals with cases relating to: (SSC LDC 2015)

(1)           Issues relating to protection and conservation historical monuments

(2)           Civil cases                           

(3)           Criminal offences                              

(4)           Environmental protection and conservation forests.

Ans. (4)

Q.9      Stability of the Government is assured in: (SSC CGL 1999)

(1)           Parliamentary form of Government.

(2)           Presidential form of Government.

(3)           Plural Executive System.

(4)           Direction Democracy.

Answer (2)

Q.10        According to the indian constitution the vacancy in the office of the president of India shall be filled within? (SSC CGL 1999)

(1)           1 Months               (2)           6 Months               (3)           3Months                (4)           1 Year

Answer (2)

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