Polity Quiz 15th Fab 2017

By: D.K. Choudhary
 Which is the best resource of revenue for state Government? Sales Tax.
 According to the constitution of india, who can impose tax on agriculture income: – State Govt.
 The legislative approval of expenditure regarding demands for grant till the……… of the appropriation act is called? –Vote on Account.
 Which of the article of the constitution of india empower the centre government to lavy service tax? –The residuary powers under article 248.
 What is the term of office of the members of public account committee. – 1 Years
 The president of public account committee of india is appointed by the speaker of lok Sabha – – True.
 In which of the committee of parliament there is no representation of Rajya Sabha? – – The Estimate Committee.
 The members of the estimate committee are eleted from lok sabha only. – True.
Committee on Public Undertaking.
 The members of the public account committee and the committee on public undertaking are elected from rajya sabha also but the embers of estimate committee are elected from lok sabha only: – True.
 The member of rajya sabha are not involved with the public account committee and the committee on public undertaking – False.
 The members of estimate committee are elected from both the lok sabha and the rajya sabha. –False.

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