Polity Quiz 14th Fab 2017

By: D.K Choudhary
 Who can pay salary from the contingency of india to meet unexpected expenditure? – Parliament.
 Which of the tax is levied by the centre government but collected and appropriated by the state. – – Stamp Duty
 Income tax is levied and collected by centre and it is distributed between centre and state. – True.
 Who empowers the state governments to levy tax on agriculture income? –The constitution of india.
 The corporation tax is levied and collected by the centre and it is itself the owner of tax receipts alone.
 The finance bill is necessary to impore new tax proporals wheras to alter the existing rates of tax no other bill of act is required.
 In india the state government imposes and collects stamp duty on financial transctions.
Public Finance in India.
 The disbursement from public account in india are under discretion of parliament. –True.
 In constitution of india there are provisions for consolidated fund, public account and contingency fund. – True.
 The “Money bill can be introduced in either of the houses of parliament” – True.
 The speaker of Lok Sabha is the ultimate officer of decide whether a bill is a money bill or otherwise.
 – True.
 It is mandatory for Rajya Sabha to return a money bill [assed by Lok Sabha with 14 Days. – True.
 The president of india cannot return a money bill for reconsideration to Lok Sabha. –True.
 A money bill cannot be re-instituted in Rajya Sabha. – -True.
 Rajya Sabha can’t reject or amend a money bill.True
 Only one whose recommendation a money bill can be introduced in Lok Sabha.? The President of India
 The committee on subordinate legislation is related with? -Delegated legislation Parliamentry committees.
 Which of the parliamentary committee examines the audit report of comptroller and Auditor general of india? – Public Accout Committee.
 Who is the resident of public account committee of parliament?–The leader of oPPosition in Lok Sabha

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