Polity Quiz 13th Fab 2017

By: D.K Choudhary
 On what basis the representation in Rajya Sabha is given? -According to the population.
 What is the reason of rajya Sabha being a permanent House. – As in every two years 1/3 of the total members retire.
 What is the term of office of a member of Rajya Sabha ? – 6 Years.
 For which period the members of Rajya Sabha are elected ? – 6 Years.
 What is the term of Rajya Sabha? – Parliament.
 Who was the first female film star nominated to Rajya Sabha. – Nargis Dutt.
 In which context Rajya Sabha has greater powers that of Lok Sabha. -Regarding creation of new all India Services.
 Budget Discussion vote on account-Finance Bill- Appropriation Bill. –Is the right Sequence.
 Which of the Tax provides maximum revenue to state government? – Sales Tax.
 When a demand becomes a Grant? – – When it is accepted.
 In context of centre-State relations the Gadgil formula is applied to which of the area? – It is applied to division to centre planned aid among the state.
 Within how many days the Rajya Sabha is required to return a money bill passed by Lok Sabha. – Withen 14 days .
 A money bill passed by lok sabha if rajya sabha foes not complete its proceedings over the bill within which period? -14 Days.
 The corporation tax is levied by the centre government, who appropriates this tax-it is appropriated by both the centre and the states
 Which government can impose entertainment tax. – The State Government.
 Through which legislation the government can propose the imposition of tax. – Finance Bill.
 Where the finance bills are introduced ? – – Lok Sabha Only.
 Where decides whether a bill a money bill or not? – The Speaker of Lok Sabha.
Which of the situation arises when a money bill passed by lok Sabha is partially amended by the Rajya Sabha? – the lok Sabha can procede

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