Polity Quiz 12th March 2018

By: D.K Chaudhary

Q.1   Socialism is opposed to? (NDA 2009)

(A)      Social Security scheme               (B)     Equal distribution of wealth

 (C)      Unrestricted competition           (D)      Collective ownership and management.

Answer (C)


Q.2   Mc Mohan line lies between which of the following countries? (CDS 2008)

(A)      India And Pakistan                          (B)     India and Bangladesh

 (C)      India and China                              (D)     India and Mayanmar

Answer (C)


Q.3   The development of which of the following administrative concepts could be attributed to German sociologist Max Weber? (CDS 2007)

(A)      Democracy                (B)     Bureaucracy

 (C)      Pluralism                  (D)     Corporatism

Answer (B)


Q.4   The chairman of constitutional review  commission set up in February 2000 is?

(BPSC 2002)

(A)      M.N. Venkatchalaih                           (B)     R.S. Sarkaria

 (C)      Krishna Iyer                                      (D)     Fatima Beevi

Answer (Bpsc 2002)


Q.5   What is the minimum legal age of marriage for girls in India? (UP PCS  Main 2004)

(A)      16 Years                   (B)     18 Years                   (C)      21 Years       (D)     23 Years

Answer (B)


Q.6   Which one of the following is the most important element of the state? (UP PCS 2008)

(A)      Flag    (B)     Sovereignty                        (C)      Capital          (D)     Head of the Government

Answer (B)


Q.7   Under the preventive detention a  person can be detained without trial for?

(UP PCS Main. 2009)

(A)      1 Month                   (B)     3 Months

 (C)      6 Months                 (D)     9 Months

Answer (B)


Q.8   Which is the only state in india to have the common Civil Code? (UP PCS Main. 2009)

(A)      Jammu & Kashmir             (B)     Mizoram

 (C)      Nagaland                              (D)     Goa

Answer (D)


Q.9   Which is the highest National Award?  (MP PCS Pre. 2004)

(A)      Padamashree                     (B)     Padamavibhushan

 (C)      Bharat Ratna                       (D)     Ashok Chakra

Answer (C)


Q.10   ……………….. is India’s largest district (Area wise) ? (WBPCS  2005)

(A)      Bastar                       (B)     Kachchh

 (C)      Leh-Laddakh           (D)     Burdwan

Answer (C)

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