Polity Quiz 12th April 2017

By: D.K Choudhary

Q.1       The interval between two sessions of either house of parliament should not exceed?

(SSC CGL 2008)

(1)          Three months                                   (2)          Six months

(3)          Nine months                                     (4)          Twelve months

Answer (2)


Q.2       The Vice-president of India is elected by? (SSC CGL 2008)

(1)          The members of the parliament

(2)          The members of the Rajya Sabha

(3)          The elected members of the parliament

(4)          The members of the parliament and State legislatures

Answer (3)


Q.3       A Bill referred to a “Joint Sitting” of the two houses of the parliament is required to be passed by? (SSC CGL 2008)

(1)          A simple majority of the members present

(2)          Absolute majority of the total membership

(3)          rd  majority of the members present

(4)          th majority of the members present

Answer (1)


Q.4       Who is the constitutional head of the government of India? (SSC CGL 2008)

(1)          President                                            (2)          Prime Minister

(3)          Chief Justice of India     (4)          Attorney General

Answer (1)


Q.5       Who certifies a Bill to be a money Bill in India? (SSC CGL 2008)

(1)          Finance Minister                                             (2)          President

(3)          Speaker of the Lok Sabha             (4)          Prime Minister

Answer (3)


Q.6       The Rajya Sabha is dissolved after? (SSX CPO 2008)

(1)          Every five years                                                                                (2)          Every six years

3)            On the advice of the prime minister                       (4)          None of these

Answer (4)


Q.7       In case the president wishes to resign, to whom he is to address his resignation letter?

(SSC CPO 2008)

(1)          Chief justice of India                                      (2)          Secretary of Lok Sabha

(3)          Vice –President                                                                (4)          Prime Minister

Answer (3)


Q.8       Which of the following are Financial committee of parliament in India? (SSC CPO 2008)

(I)           Public Accounts committee                       

(II)          Estimates Committee

(III)         Committee of public Undertaking                          

(1)          I & III                                                     (2)          I & II

(3)          II & III                                                    (4)          I, II & III

Answer (4)


Q.9       The Speaker’s vote in the lok sabha is called? (SSC 2008)

(1)          Casting vote                                                       (2)          Sound vote

(3)          Direct vote                                                         (4)          Indirect vote

Answer (1)


Q.10       The council of Ministers does not include? (SSC Tax 2008)

(1)          Cabinet minister                                              (2)          Minister of State

(3)          Cabinet Secretary                                            (4)          Ministers without portfolio

Answer (3)

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