Polity Quiz 12th 2017

By: D.K Choudhary
 What we call a vote caste by presiding officer? – – A Casting Vote.
 When the security deposite of a candidate contesing the Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha election is confiscated? – When he is unable to secure even 1/6 of the total vote casted .
 Lok Sabha Speaker is elected by: – – The Member of Lok Sabha.
 Who decides whether a bill is a money bill of otherwise? – The Speaker of Lok Sabha.
 Till, whose confidence the Prime Minister holds his office. – Lok Sabha.
 The nomination of the members to Rajya Sabha by the president of india has been adopted from whixh of the country? – IreLand.
 What is the minimum age required to be the member of Rajya Sabha? – 30 Years.
 When the election is conducted to fill the 1/3 seats of the Rajya Sabha?- Once In a period of two Years.
 How many members retire from Rajya Sabha after every two years? — 1/3 of the total members of Rajya Sabha.
 On what basis the prepresention in Rajya Sabha is Given? – According to the population.
 What is the reason of Tajya Sabha being a permanent house. – As in every two years 1/3 of the total members retire.
 What is the term of office of a member of Rajya Sabha ? – 6 Years.
 For which period the members of Rajya Sabha are elected ? – 6 Years.
 What is the term of Rajya Sabha? – Parliament.
 Who was the first female film star nominated to Rajya Sabha. – Nargis Dutt.
 In which context Rajya Sabha has greater powers that of Lok Sabha. -Regarding creation of new all India Services.
 The most important feature of Indian parliament is that: -Lower House Cannot Be Dissolved.

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