Polity Quiz 11th Dec, 2016 (English)

By:- D.K. Chaudhary

1.The office of the president can fall vacant due to
A. resignation
B. death
C. removal
D. All of the above


2.The president can dismiss a member of the council of ministers
A. on his own
B. on the recommendation of the prime ministers
C. only under emergency conditions
D. ith the consent of the speaker


3.The president demand for further reforms, attended with the dislocation caused by the non-cooperation movement, led the British government to appoint a Statutory Commission in 1927. This commission was headed by
A. Sri John Simon
B. Lord Chelmsford
C. Lord Minto
D. E.S. Montague


4.The office of the prime minister of India
A. has a constitutional basis
B. has a statutory basis
C. has conventional basis
D. None of the above


5.The powers to legislate with respect to any matter not enumerated in any of the three lists are mentioned as residuary powers. Which of the following is empowered to determine finally as to whether or not a particular matter falls in this category
A. Lok Sabha
B. Judiciary
C. Rajya Sabha
D. Parliament


6.The members of the parliamentary committee
A. are appointed by the president in consultation with the prime minister
B. are appointed by the president on the recommendation of the speaker
C. are taken from various groups and parties in Parliament in proportion to their respective strength
D. both (b) and (c)


7.The name of a candidate for the office of president of India may be proposed by
A. any five citizens of India
B. any five members of the Parliament
C. any one member of the Electoral College
D. any ten members of the Electoral College


8.The Parliament can restrict or abrogate by law, fundamental rights with respect to
A. the members of the armed forces
B. the forces charged with the maintenance of public order
C. the persons employed in any bureau or other organization established by the state for purpose of intelligence
D. All of the above


9. Preamble enshrines the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity – ideals inspired by the
A. Russian Revolution
B. Irish Revolution
C. French Revolution
D. US Constitution


10. The minimum number of members that must be present to hold the meeting of the Lok Sabha is
A. one-fourth of the total membership
B. one-tenth of the total membership of the Houses
C. 50 percent strength of the Lok Sabha
D. at least 100 members


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