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Polity Quiz 10thJune 2018 In English

By: D.K Chaudhary
  • Who finally approves the contest of five year plan –                                  National Development Council.
  • What type of institution the planning commission is. –             Extra – Constitutional Body.
  • Which of the commission has not been established under constitutional provisions. –        The Planning Commission.
  • Who is the ex-officio chairman of national development council. –Institution Established by executive resolution (1950).
  • The five year plan in india is finally approved. –          -By National Development Council.
  • The planning commission determine how financial resources should be arranged through tax or non-tax revenue resources. Or Non – Tax revenue resources.             –         True.
  • On whose recommendations the allocation of financial resources between centre and the stated is done? – Planning Commission.
  • The chairman of the commission shall be a retired judge of the Supreme court. –    True.
  • Its power are only recommendatory in nature– True.
  • According to the National Human Rights Commission Act. 1993, who can become the chairman of the Commission? – –  A Retired Judge Of the Supreme Courts.

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